Thai Meteorological Department: Climate prediction of the 2019 summer during late February till middle May 2019

The summer of Thailand this year is expected to begin about late February which is 12 weeks later than usual and will end at about middle May. The weather will be commonly sweltering. In fact, mean maximum temperature around the Upper Thailand is to be about 3537 C which is above normal (Normal: 35.4 C) and higher than that of last year (the mean maximum temperature during the summer 2018 was 34.2 C) while mean total rain is to be below normal.

Furthermore, summer thunderstorms may occur at many areas as thunder rain, gusty wind and perhaps falling hail at some areas possibly causing life, property and crop damages. However, the falling rain amount will not be suitable at many areas for utilization, consumption and agricultural demands, specifically at repeated drought areas outside irrigation zones. As a result, the public should consume water economically with optimized benefits and prepare for summer thunderstorm protection further.

Source: Government of Thailand

Post Author: tmadmin