Thailand Adjusts Its National Development Plan to Cope with the New Normal

The Thai government is adjusting its national development plan in order to cope with the “new normal” and lead the country through the COVID-19 crisis.


The Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council on 21 September held its annual meeting 2020 on the topic “New Normal in Thailand after the COVID-19 Outbreak.”


The meeting aimed to present important issues in national development and listen to the opinions of various sectors of Thai society, following the half period of the implementation of the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2018-2022).


In his opening remarks at the meeting, Prime Minister and Defense Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha stated that the Government still emphasizes “resilience” as a direction for developing the country and its potential.


In this direction, he said, Thailand should be able to cope with the crisis, adapt to the new situation, and transform for sustainable growth, under the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. Vulnerable groups must be assisted inclusively, together with employment generation and wealth distribution to the regional areas of the country.


In the next two years of the current national development plan, special emphasis will be placed on four priority focus areas. The first area seeks to strengthen the local economy. The second area seeks to enhance Thailand’s competitiveness to cope with future growth.


The third area involves the development of human capital. In the fourth area, enabling factors will be developed, such as infrastructure for economic restructuring, law improvement, and the promotion of digital government and innovation.



Source: The Government Public Relations Department

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