Thailand is confident that the Chinese authorities will prosecute the rice traders in China for adding flavor to Thai jasmine rice.

Nonthaburi, March 17-Director General of the Department of Foreign Trade He is confident that the Chinese authorities will prosecute three rice traders in China for adding flavoring agents to the rice to make it taste like Thai jasmine rice. Stated Chinese law is very strict. Although initially did not find all 3 counterfeiting of the certification mark But after this, the commercial envoy in China will be examined.


Mr. Ron Ron Poonphiphat, Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade, discussed the case with news about rice factories in China. Fake Thai jasmine rice using rice grown in China which is not related to Thai rice to add additives to make it smell like Thai jasmine rice According to the Department of Foreign Trade’s investigation, it was found that it actually happened, detected in 3 factories, which the Chinese authorities ordered to close the business and under legal proceedings


The offending behavior of all 3 factories is similar, using rice grown in China. Let’s add additives to make it smell like Thai jasmine rice. The only difference is the brand name, for example, there is a claim to be made from Thailand. and write a message on the packaging that It is Thai jasmine rice. Which has been reported to have been operating for many years, with all 3 factories never importing Thai rice and one factory without a production license and another factory with annual sales of about 1 million tons.


However, it received a report from a commercial envoy in China. The factory has now been ordered to close. and is being prosecuted. Because it is illegal in China on many counts. both food safety standards Consumer rights, advertising, product safety quality Intellectual property infringement in China’s own products and criminal prosecution Including going back to check the health effects of consumers who bought it, stressing that China’s laws are very strict. There are penalties and immediate action. which thanks to the Chinese authorities which is strictly enforced


Thai official From the preliminary examination of both trademarks and intellectual property infringement not yet found illegal need to follow up the wrong behavior again and any action Must be through diplomacy only. as well as damage impact assessment that still takes time To compare the statistics of jasmine rice exports, it may be during the 3-6 months that this problem occurs. Compared to the same period last year, how much the export volume decreased. The amount of Thai jasmine rice exports to China in 2022 amounted to more than 142,000 tons, a decrease of 3.68% from the previous year from all types of side exports at 750,000 tons, which is still believed that It’s only a short-term effect. because Chinese consumers Be alert to check before you buy.


However, after there are 7 foreign trade promotion offices in China, there will be more rigorous inspections in the inspection area, both in department stores and fresh markets. and if abnormal To accelerate the coordination of agencies related to the Chinese authorities. Check in now Including publicizing to consumers Get to know the certified trademark of Thai Hom Mali Rice Also known as green seal sold abroad to reassure buyers that has consumed authentic Thai jasmine rice and is a mark showing its origin in Thailand And the quality meets the standards set by the Ministry of Commerce so that rice buyers or importers in China can choose to buy good quality Thai Hom Mali rice. continue correctly.-Thai News Agency


Source: Thai News Agency

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