Thailand is ready to cooperate with members of the BIMSTEC countries to prevent and solve security threats.

Today (21 Mar 62) at 10:00 am, the senior security officials of the BIMSTEC member countries paid a courtesy call on General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, on the occasion of attending the annual meeting of the head of security for member countries BIMSTEC No. 3 (The 3rd Annual Meeting of the BIMSTEC National Security Chiefs) at the Purple Room, Thai Khu Fah Building, Government House. After the completion of the discussions, Lieutenant General Veerasak Sukonathiam, Deputy Prime Minister’s spokesman Summarize the key points as follows

The Prime Minister welcomed the security officials on behalf of the government and the people of Thailand. And would like to thank the member countries that honor Thailand for hosting the annual meeting of the BIMSTEC member security department, which is considered a policy-level meeting in dealing with new forms of threats. Especially to prevent and resolve terrorism problems Transnational crime Cyber threats Including technical cooperation in security It is an important cooperation. Which has been in operation for more than 10 years and makes the Bay of Bengal region peaceful and stable Demonstrating the readiness and strong relationships of member countries and their commitment to prevent and solve common and future security threats.

BIMSTEC member security officials at the top level of the country thanked the Prime Minister for the warm welcome And use this opportunity to bless the birthday of the Prime Minister Believes that the Prime Minister will lead the country to stability and stability The Prime Minister said that all people must understand security. Because stability is an important basis of the economy Society and culture Thailand, as the ASEAN chairman, insists that ASEAN is ready to cooperate with BIMSTEC in the prevention and resolution of regional threats.

In this regard, the Prime Minister strongly believes that such meetings can be carried out smoothly and effectively. It will also be an important platform for strengthening stability in the Bay of Bengal. And also wish the meeting to be successful in all respects


BIMSTEC member countries’ top security officials consist of 1) Mr. Ajit Dowal, Advisor to the Prime Minister for Security Republic of India 2) Uttarong Tun, Security Minister for the Presidential Office and Minister of Investment and International Economy Republic of the Union of Myanmar 3) Lieutenant General Tom Ahmed Siddick, Advisor to the Prime Minister of the country Bangladesh People’s Republic 4) Mr. Sonam Toppei, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior The Kingdom of Bhutan 5) Mr. Zabedra Kanal, National Police Commissioner Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal 6) Brigadier Kotutu Kumu, Director of the Military Intelligence Unit Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and 7) Mr. M Chahidul Islam, Secretary General of the BIMSTEC Office

Source: Royal Thai Government

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