Thailand’s first two confirmed cases of babies with abnormal heads from Zika virus

The Public Health Ministry on Friday announced Thailand’s first two confirmed cases of babies born with smaller than normal heads as a result of Zika virus infection during pregnancy.

The Zika virus monitoring committee of the Diseases Control Department said that the two babies have hearing problem and experience muscle contraction and, therefore, are kept under close watch to follow up their developments.

The third case is awaiting result of a repeated test, said the committee, adding that there is another case of pregnancy of a mother infected with Zika virus which is closely being monitored to determine whether the baby will be born abnormal or not.

The committee warned pregnant women to take precautions to prevent themselves from being bitten by mosquitos by applying mosquito repellants all the time they are outdoor and also to make sure that the repellants will not be harmful to the unborn babies.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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