Thaksin appeals 17.6 billion baht back tax bill

Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has appealed the 17.6 billion baht back tax claim against him by the Revenue Department as the allowable 30-day appeal period ends today.

The tax claim notice was posted on his ex-wife Khunying Pojamarn Damapong’s Chan Song La residence on Charunsanitwong on March 28. The notice gave him 30 days to appeal the back tax claim, or else he has to pay the tax instantly if he does not appeal within the period.

Thaksin has designated a team of lawyers to appeal the tax claim on April 25, three days before the appeal period ended today.

Revenue Department director-general Prasong Poontaneat said Thaksin has appealed the tax claim on April 25.

He said the process after the appeal would go to the tax claim committee to look into his appeal to ensure fairness for the taxpayer.

He said although the case dealt with high sum of tax claim and looked complicated, no special team of lawyers is needed to be appointed to defend the tax claim against the former prime minister.

It is a matter of normal tax collection procedure under the existing tax laws which had allowed up to two years to consider the appeal before going further to the Central Tax Court for judgement.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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