The Cabinet approved the draft Ministerial Regulation on Permission and Permission for Commercial Fisheries Act BE2550 … Reducing the conditions of ship consolidation – Increasing fishing days in accordance with capacity Create sustainable fisheries

Today (19 March 2007) at 18.30 hrs. At the Government Press Center, Naree Samosorn Building, Government House. After the cabinet meeting (Cabinet), Lieutenant General Virasukon Phathiam, Deputy Prime Minister’s spokesman, revealed that

the cabinet meeting approved the principle of draft ministerial regulations, the request for permission and permission for commercial fishing. … as proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Which is based on the power of the Fisheries Decree BE 2558 by drafting this Ministerial Regulation for the purpose of allocating aquatic animals in accordance with the fishery capability And the maximum amount of aquatic animals that are able to sustain fisheries as specified in the Thai Fisheries Management Plan There are 3 main issues:

1) Add criteria for consideration for permission to perform commercial operations, ie, the applicant must have ownership in fishing boats that will be fishing. And if the applicant is the owner of many fishing boats Whether it is a Thai fishing boat or not a Thai fishing vessel, the name of every such fishing boat must be provided, along with evidence of the ownership of that fishing boat. In the case of a fishing vessel that is not yet registered as a Thai vessel under the law on Thai vessels Must have a certificate of registration for fishing vessel registration from the Department of Fisheries. 2) Amendment in the license list. The licensee can submit an application for amendment of the 5 items in the license, namely (1) to amend the list of licenses in accordance with the information shown in the evidence of the registration of the relevant authorities (2) to amend the list of licenses In the case of bringing other fishing boats to replace boats with a fishing license (3) revising the list of licenses regarding fishing equipment (4) revising the list of permits on fishing grounds and (5) revising the list of permits In the case of raising the rights of the amount of aquatic animals that have been allocated during the fishing year, the amendments to the list of each type of permit shall be in accordance with the criteria and guidelines approved by the National Fisheries Policy Committee. Transfer of licenses in a combination of aquatic animals In order to allocate the amount of aquatic animals in accordance with the fishery capacity and the maximum amount of aquatic animals that are able to sustain fisheries as specified in the fisheries management plan. Fisheries 2015 and amended

“The draft ministerial regulation said This is to improve the rules, procedures and conditions for applying for a license for the provisions of the Ministerial Regulations. The application and permission for the commercial fisheries Act, 2561, dated 19 February 2018, the original version that does not cover some facts. And not in accordance with the fishery’s way of actual fisheries, such as the criteria for considering commercial fishing permit Modification of items in the license And the transfer of fishing licenses etc. to be more appropriate

This new ministerial regulation authorizes the Director-General. The Department of Fisheries can revise the fishing license in 5 cases, including 1) the amendment to be able to bring other fishing boats to replace boats with fishing licenses that are sunk or damaged. 2) Amendments to the permit Changes in fishing equipment as determined by the Department of Fisheries, such as changing from trawl tools to nuisance tools Which need to have less effective catch than the original equipment 3) can change the fishing area of some tools, such as moving the land, fishing from the Andaman Sea to the Gulf of Thailand, depending on the amount of aquatic animals that can be sustained of 4) If you wish to temporarily stop fishing Able to transfer aquatic quota in the form of volume mergers with other licenses Where the ship can still request a permit in the next fishing year, and 5) if wanting to stop fishing, it can be combined Provided that Must bring one outboard system Which is the main issue that fishermen will benefit Due to receiving more fishing days

Source: Royal Thai Government

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