The city’s New Year tradition has begun. Full of color and beauty

Chiang Mai, New Year tradition in the city. or Songkran Lanna in Chiang Mai It has officially begun. Full of color and cultural beauty

At Tha Phae Gate Square In the middle of Chiang Mai city You will see the colors and beauty of Lanna culture, including Tung Cho Tung Chai and the sand pagoda. which is like a symbol of the beginning of the new year or Songkran Lanna by Chiang Mai residents and tourists who come to celebrate Songkran here Dressed in beautiful traditional clothes. Starting the city’s New Year tradition or Songkran Lanna from the morning By making merit by giving alms to 14 monks for good fortune. Many people also pray for happiness. healthy Have a good life before starting the New Year. Today, Chiang Mai people call it Wan Sangkhan Long. It is the day when the Sun moves into Aries once again. End of the old year Stepping into the new year is similar to New Year’s Eve.

Before Mr. Nirat Phongsitthaworn Governor of Chiang Mai Province and Mr. Asanee Buranukraen, Mayor of Chiang Mai Participate i
n the opening of the city’s New Year tradition or Songkran officially By pouring water from the khon tho, it symbolizes the beginning of the water festival. along with a beautiful display of Lanna arts and culture Among Chiang Mai residents and tourists, both Thai and foreign, who were crowded to admire the beauty. Including the bright colors of the procession of Mae Ying riding on bicycles. Or a beautiful woman riding a bicycle with an umbrella. which represents the way of life of the Lanna people in the past Each person calls it beautiful and beautiful. which has received a lot of attention from tourists.

Source: Thai News Agency