The government spokesman revealed that the Prime Minister banned passenger cars alone. And determine driving on the odd day Is applicable in foreign countries For Thailand, it is not yet enforced.

Today (31 January 2019) at 11.00 am at Santimaitri Building Government House, Mr. Puttipong Punnakan, Deputy Secretary-General, Prime Minister for Political Affairs Acting as the spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office Discusses the case that the Prime Minister issued strict measures to solve the problem of dust that exceeds the PM standard. 2.5 That the military order to see every factory in that factory Is the same measure that has been implemented for a long time Because the military is responsible for checking Stories that have happened in many areas already By virtue of the order of the National Peacekeeping Council (NCPO) that had previously been issued, so if found a factory that emits black smoke or pollution beyond the standard, it can be warned or checked Which is the order that the Prime Minister assigned to the army commander Proceed as urgent Therefore do not have to issue NCPO orders

Spokesman of the Prime Minister’s Office Went on to say As the Prime Minister said, do not take a single car. And will determine the driving date for that odd day Is the way that the Prime Minister spoke because of enforcement in foreign countries But for Thailand, it is not yet enforced If people together follow the existing rules and the relevant authorities help solve the problem Do not release black smoke Coupled with increasing green space It is not necessary to use such guidelines. Because it is considered a strong drug that many countries use As for the case that many political parties have brought the issue of smoke dust to be a political issue I emphasize that the problem of smoke dust is a long time ago. No one solved the problem seriously. Always ignored This government has to accelerate the correction by using short-term measures first. The long-term solution Will be able to summarize the plan to be informed soon

For offering to government officials working at that house The spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office said Because many people saw that civil servants were large groups that had to travel to work outside the home Therefore suggesting that some jobs can work at home Which we listen to But not yet defined as a measure Due to careful consideration Because it is a problem that affects everyone The government cannot solve this problem alone. Requires cooperation from everyone in the country And help to take responsibility for problems

Source: Royal Thai Government

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