The National Culture Committee prepares to offer betta as a Thai national fish.

Today (22 January 2019) at 14.30 hrs. At Meeting Room 301, Command Building 1, Government House, Mr. Wissanu Krea-Ngam, Deputy Prime Minister, as Chairman Meeting of the National Culture Committee No. 1/2562 together with related agencies

The meeting agreed To offer betta as a Thai national fish The Department of Fisheries will present to the agenda of the Cabinet (Cabinet ) With opinions for consideration in 3 dimensions as follows: 1) Cultural dimension History, history, relevance of Thai culture With evidence confirming that Thai betta fish appear in opus Thai literature and Thai history for over 100 years, and on 3 September 2013, the Ministry of Culture announced the registration of Thai betta fish as a national cultural heritage. Type of natural resource management for conservation and sustainable use 2) The ownership dimension of the name “Siamese Fighting fish”, which is the name that was found in history. Is indicative and accepted in academic and aquatic academic circles There is also information indicating the source of betta fish found in the Chao Phraya River. 3) Useful dimensions If the Thai fish is declared as a national fish Will help to preserve Promoting betta farming and innovation in breeding also leads to commercial trade and creates economic added value. Can also be used as a symbol of Thai fishing Assembling various products and products To reflect Thai being And can also be used to negotiate according to the Convention on Biological Diversity: CBD to prevent the introduction of Thai betta fish.

Source: Royal Thai Government

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