The new party withdrew and did not join the government.

Bangkok, May 20-“New Party” withdraws from joining the government with “Kao Klai” after being hit by social media, but insists on raising his hand to vote for “Pita” as prime minister.

Mr. Krititat Sangthanyothin, the leader of the new party, spoke about the drama on social media. #I don’t want a new party. After one of the party’s executive committees was excavated, the clip mentioned the case of Section 112 that, in fact, the clip was a personal opinion. of that executive committee, which the party itself did not agree with

Last night, I had the opportunity to talk to the Deputy Leader of the Kao Klai Party. who is a coordinator to join the government therefore decided to withdraw because of discomfort in joining this government But because he traveled to do business in other provinces, he has not yet had the opportunity to make an official press release. While the party’s Facebook fan page is unavailable. which the team in charge expects to be reported after being attacked

Mr. Krititas confirmed that the new party still supported the Progressive Party in forming a government. By raising your hand to vote in support of Mr. Phitha Lim Chareonrat far-reaching party leader be prime minister in order to comply with the process of democracy What is done right will support it. As for Section 112, the new party still has the same stance.

Reporters reported that earlier, the new party issued a statement on the case of Section 112 stating that as it appeared on social media that The new party has a policy to amend Section 112 to be more severe or the death penalty. The new party would like to announce that The new party does not have a policy to amend Section 112 to be more severe or penalties. Execute life in any way

The new party only has a main policy related to corruption. The new party apologizes for the misunderstanding here.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency