The PPP Committee appoints a sub-committee to consider and scrutinize matters for prudence. And prepare to continue driving the PPP project

Today (29 March 2019) at 13.30 hrs. At the Green Room, Thai Khu Fah Building, Government House. General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, is the chairman of the committee meeting on joint investment between the state and private investors No. 1/2562

after the meeting. Prapas Khong-iad, Director of the State Enterprise Policy Office, Director and Secretary of the Board of State and Private Investment Policy (PPP Committee) Revealed the results of the PPP Board Meeting No. 1/2562 that the said meeting was the first meeting in accordance with the Public and Private Investment Act, BE 2562 (Joint Investment Act of 2019 ) Which results of the meeting can be summarized as follows:

1. The Joint Investment Act of 2019, effective from March 11, 2019, requires a secondary law. To support the implementation of the rules, procedures and conditions set forth in the Joint Investment Act of 2019 and the plan for joint investment projects To be a clear and exact state policy framework for the preparation of infrastructure and public services of the country in order for the above operations to be prudent And there is continuity in the operation of the PPP committee, therefore, has appointed a legal subcommittee And the subcommittee to consider the joint investment project plan To scrutinize and propose opinions on various matters before presenting to the PPP Committee for further consideration

2. The PPP committee has assigned the Legal Subcommittee to expedite the drafting of the announcement. State and Private Investment Policy Committee Regarding the related businesses that are required BE …. to propose to the PPP Committee to consider before proposing to the Cabinet for consideration and approval as a declaration. In order to ensure clarity with relevant agencies in the implementation of the Joint Investment Act of 2019

Source: Royal Thai Government

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