The Prime Minister appreciates the ways to solve the sea water erosion problems of Bangkhuntien coast.

Today (February 13, 2019) at 14.30 hrs. General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister inspects the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Bang Khun Thian District In order to track the problem of sea water erosion in Bang Khun Thian coast

With Mr. Prasert Chevin, Director of Bangkhuntien District Said that Coastal Bangkhuntien faced with the problem of being seawater Eroded into the people’s land of eating Causing the Bangkhuntien mangrove forest to deteriorate Because it was influenced by the tidal currents and violent currents that eroded the original ground, lost in the sea throughout the coast, totaling over 4.7 kilometers, lost about 3,000 acres of land, therefore the project was implemented “Planting trees in people’s hearts According to the King’s science “to solve the problem of seawater erosion in Bang Khun Thian coast

Then the Prime Minister said that Feeling glad to meet with the people of Bangkok. Bang Khun Thian District Which is a unique area Is the only area of Bangkok Adjacent to the Gulf of Thailand sea Making it famous for being the sea of Bangkok people Or most people known as Bang Khun Thian Beach Which Bangkhuntien area has a lot of potential because of its unique geography Have a spatial advantage Can develop further in tourism Travel links with Samut Sakhon While having outstanding seafood

In the past, the Bangkhuntien coastline was a complete coastline with a wide variety of plants and animals. By living in an environment Which is a lane soil, brackish water and is a breeding ground for many aquatic animals, including shrimp, crabs and crabs. Currently, the transportation system is convenient. Makes traveling easy Distance not far Importantly, you can also do natural or eco-tourism activities. In addition, the government implemented rehabilitation and maintenance of the mangrove forest to return to its original state of balance. Of the ecosystem and providing a sustainable natural food source As well as promoting the important ecotourism of Bangkok

The Prime Minister thanked all the sacrificial sectors. And participate in the restoration and conservation of natural resources According to His Majesty the King What benefits the nation? Requesting to create additional value for existing resources To benefit local Strengthen the community as well as Bang Khun Thian sea. Everyone must be able to use it. Including taking care of local fishing That must be consistent with the preservation of natural resources Which Bang Khun Thian is both a food source and a boat trip

The government has emphasized the implementation of the policy of legislation to make facilitation. And allow everyone to access equality Budget allocation Both economic, security and promoting the growth of the country Such as the Eastern Economic Zone Project Infrastructure development Take care of public health according to health insurance work throughout the page. Being a good prime minister must be strict, adhering to the law as a principle, be honest. Use authority in the right way Who does not interfere?

Then the Prime Minister walked to greet the people. In a good mood, emphasizing that Don’t gamble Buy lottery tickets Let everyone intend to eat, help to reduce waste according to 3 r reduce principle, resue recycle and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Valentines Day Come to inspect the government because of love Let Thai people love each other every day.

This opportunity, the Prime Minister also visited the exhibition inside the event with the Thai Sustainable Sustainable Project show. Bang Khun Thian District Community Fresh Seafood Store Purified seafood, including the Department of Health, organizes activities to educate PM 2.5 about dust prevention and demonstrates wearing a mask.

Source: Royal Thai Government

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