The Prime Minister asked farmers to change their crops to be organic, non-toxic, to make GAP standards, adjust to learn to trade online. Increase product sales

Prime Minister visited the New Theory Agricultural Learning Center Visit the exhibition of agricultural technology transfer and service center And visit products, community products Products from professional groups according to Thai Popular Sustainable Project

Today (9 January 2662) 15.50 hrs. Prime Minister and the group visited the New Theory Agricultural Learning Center By putting on the Mor Chom shirt, wearing a tractor (E-tek) to harvest rice together with Nong Chok farmers and Bangkok executives

This opportunity, the Prime Minister thanked all sectors that welcomed. And added that Were delighted to come to check the eastern Bangkok area and come to meet and visit the people in the Outer Chok area. Which is considered to be the most area of Bangkok especially Is a green area that is an agricultural field Which the people of the brothers still maintain a good agricultural lifestyle Is unique that is different from other districts in Bangkok. Farming is important to communities in Nong Chok district. Including Bangkok It is the production base and the main economy. Therefore, it is important to focus on agricultural areas and preserve agricultural areas. In addition, there are natural water sources, dense canals that are in irrigated areas. Is very useful for agriculture As well as a drainage channel during the rainy season and a water receiving area Alleviate flood problems in Bangkok

And said to the people who came to welcome that they had to learn the trading system Modify the organic plantation, non-toxic, make GAP standard, will make the product higher price But have to find ways to reduce costs as well And have to adjust to learn to trade online After that, he harvested rice in the fields of Mrs. Yew Hue, Ban Phaeo, who owned a plot of 15 rai of rice, Kor 51, which was planted on 15 October 2018. The

Prime Minister visited the exhibition of agricultural technology transfer and service centers in the district. Consisting of Khu Khu North Krathum Rai Subdistrict, Khok Faet Subdistrict, Nong Chok District, Khok Faet Subdistrict, Khlong Song District And visit products, community products Products from professional groups according to Thai Popular Sustainable Project For setting rice prices Government price insurance is determined from the average which has clear criteria. After that, he traveled to visit the milling process of the community mill. Bagging To be a community product

The Prime Minister added that We must cooperate to develop the area. Is an agricultural area with a combination of farming By using life style And traditional wisdom together with the use of modern agricultural technology and the development of production efficiency Including increasing the value and quantity of agricultural products By developing focus on agriculture Supplemented by integrated farming Ready to say that he wants to see all the people A better quality of life Have sufficient income, happiness, harmony The nation has peace and quiet forever. Therefore, sustainable development in all dimensions requires cooperation from all sectors. Especially the people in the area must cooperate and participate and be responsible. The various achievements that result in sustainable benefits for the people.

At the end of the Prime Minister and faculty Walking to visit the exhibition of agricultural products such as herbal products, salts, yellow balm, rice products, rice noodles, crispy banana, banana, and duck egg products. From the Thai Popular Sustainable Agriculture Project before returning

Source: Royal Thai Government

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