The Prime Minister asks for cooperation in all sectors. Help solve the problem of PM 2.5 dust in excess of the standard Emphasize the car, the government unit, not the engine, turn on the air, wait in the car

Today (22 January 2019) at 13.00 hrs. At the Command Building Hall 1, Government House, General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, said after the cabinet meeting “The impact of PM 2.5 dust situation exceeds the standard value” in the case of the Railway Repair Authority of Thailand saying It is part of the PM2.5 dust situation that exceeds the standard. There are many reasons involved, whether it is government action. And the private sector causing dust Which everyone must share responsibility By ordering the relevant government agencies to find preventive measures

For the car engine installation waiting for the official of that government The Prime Minister said He has made an example. And ordered to emphasize that the car, the government sector, was attached to the engine, turned on the air, waiting in the car Because it will waste oil And make the engine deteriorate faster Therefore requesting personal car cooperation And taxi as well Requesting cooperation to help not open the engine, turn on the air, waiting in the car.

Source: Royal Thai Government

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