The Prime Minister expects to adjust the minimum wage in November.

The Prime Minister joins a discussion on the topic “Future Perfect, opens up thinking angles, changes the future.” Which policy can be moved forward? Do it first. Revealed to speed up negotiations to reduce electricity prices down to 3 figures, expected in November to adjust the minimum wage. Emphasize digital wallet not later than the first quarter of next year.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Participated in a discussion on the topic “Future Perfect, opening perspectives, changing the future” at the Thairath Forum 2023 with Mr. Panpree Phitthanukorn, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Puangpetch Chunlaid, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office. Mr. Prasert Chandraruangthong, Minister of Digital Economy and Society, Mr. Chulaphan Amornvivat, Deputy Minister of Finance and Mr. Sermsak Phongpanich, Minister of Culture including executives from many sectors join in listening

The Prime Minister said about the economic matter that he will discuss and negotiate the electricity price which can currently be reduced to 4.10 baht per unit and would like it to be reduced further. Which will be ordered and negotiated to reach number 3. If there is cooperation, it may be seen sooner.

The Prime Minister reiterated that pushing for tourism will be important in stimulating the economy, especially as the Cabinet has already approved free visas for tourists from China and Kazakhstan. It is expected that there will be approximately 35,000 million baht of money entering the country from free visas. In addition, it is expected that at the end of the year there will be an opportunity to visit India. To discuss flights to accommodate tourists between the two countries As for the issue of gray Chinese capital that many parties are concerned about. Let the security department take care of it. The fact that the visa is free does not mean that it will be given to blacklisted groups. For this group, officials must continue to be strict. Having good policies It’s not that it can’t be done. If there are still old problems which old problems must be settled

“Digital wallet policy section Confirmed that this will be carried out in the first quarter of next year. There is no need to argue about whether it is populist or not. Because many governments do it. To put money in the pockets of the people This matter must be discussed in detail. Both about the distance that you want to shop in various cities. of each province This will stimulate spending and increase income in the short term. It is believed that before he announced clarity on when it would start Production and employment should be accelerated to support this. Including recommending that entrepreneurs do marketing. To create free competition The indicators are time period and GDP figures,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said that regarding the minimum wage is one of the short-term measures that the government gives importance to In addition to reducing costs, it increases income. which the Prime Minister believes that before the new year Around November 2023, it is expected that the minimum wage can be announced. and must be viewed as appropriate Because many sectors are already more than the minimum. The government has already talked with some SMEs in the industrial sector. If you see the government’s roadmap for increasing income opening new markets And with continuous measures periodically, there will be incentives. The government can confidently announce it. Because the private sector also has an important role. Must look at all dimensions. The government understands and requests all information in every part first. In order to give appropriate orders and have a clear plan out. The Prime Minister is expected to receive a plan during the New Year.

“As for the price of the electric train fare of 20 baht throughout the line, it is expected that if it is done within 3 months it may be difficult, but the process will begin immediately. By talking with lawyers From problems accumulated for a long time including outstanding expenses with the private sector Orange Line Auction System connection Using a single ticket Many of the lines that I have visited have different boarding styles. Confirmed that work has begun,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister mentioned his trip to attend the UNGA78 meeting in the United States where he will discuss business matching. Bring more investment to Thailand to continue working Attracting investment, with the Prime Minister seeing that Thailand has strong points in terms of location Readiness of the country’s infrastructure including airports, ports, readiness of the law. And the government is trying to improve it to be more conducive to investment. The Thai private sector is strong. It will emphasize to the business sector the readiness of Thailand in many aspects, including hospitals that are ready and have potential, international schools. Including good-natured Thai people. Beautiful natural tourist attractions

The Prime Minister said that the government is well aware that Thailand is a small country located in a region and geography that is desired by many nations and has good relations, such as America’s long-standing relationship. part with China There are many Thai-Chinese people. There are many trade cooperations. This is an important sector in the future that will stimulate the economy. Thailand must maintain neutrality. It is a position that the government gives importance to. There must be a clearer position on the world stage. Consideration of impacts related to human rights Bring it into decision making along with economics. which is a delicate matter

“Today I will travel to the United Nations to meet as many leaders as possible. Invitation to come to Thailand Both investment, security, whatever you do are delicate matters that must be managed together. International trade is also important. It must be taken into consideration and managed sensitively,” the Prime Minister said.

Source: Thai News Agency

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