The Prime Minister gave a speech on the occasion of the New Year’s Day.

General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, gave a speech on the occasion of the New Year’s Day.

Beloved Thai people

On the occasion of the New Year’s Day, 2562, I invite the Thai people to set up the spiritual prayer, Phra Sri Ratanatai and the sacred power in the world. Please bless the King. Queen Sirikit The Queen in the 9th Reign and the Royal Family Long live the King His Highness Phra Phonphan Health is completely healthy. His Majesty is the mascot of Romklao for the Thai people for eternity.

In the year 2018, Thailand has produced many events. Some events allow us to see the power of love. Great harmony And the spiritual power of the Thai people Which is the basis of the heart of Thai people who have love and generosity towards human friends together Including the need to contribute to society to be able to live together as usual In this New Year’s Day, it is a good sign to start to something new with a happy and refreshing mind by bringing good things in the past year. As a way of life

This time is the time that everyone Celebrated a new era with families and relatives following the traditional Thai practices For those who travel back to their homeland or travel to various places, I wish to travel with consciousness. Do not underestimate and consider safety as the location. While helping to maintain order To make this festival of happiness Full of good memories and the power to enter the new year

On the occasion of the New Year’s Day, 2562 BC, I would like to invite Khun Phra Sri Rattanatai. And the power of all sacred things that everyone respects As well as honoring the King And Queen Sirikit His Majesty the King in the 9th Reign Experiencing happiness, prosperity, free from all dangers, physical strength, strong encouragement And fulfill all desirable things Happy New year

Source: Royal Thai Government

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