The Prime Minister identified the development of education as the main mechanism for human resource development. The government focuses on education reform. Develop quality education

Prime Minister’s special lecture at the launch event of the district quality school project and as the chairman of the witness testimony, signing ceremony for the memorandum of cooperation for the quality school project in the district

Today (21 January 62) at 13.30 hrs. At Santi Maitri Building (Lang Nuea), Government House, General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, Special Lecture at the launch of the Quality School District Project and is the chairman of the witness testimony. Cooperate with the quality school project in the district with Mr. Theera Kiatcharoensethasil Minister of Education, Mr. Kobsak Phutrakul, Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office joined

This opportunity, the Prime Minister presided over the witness testimony, signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Tambon Quality School Project together with 6 agencies, namely the Ministry of Education. Ministry of the Interior Digital Ministry for economy and society Ministry of Public Health For this cooperation memorandum is a collaboration. To develop local schools at the sub-district level to be the quality schools in the sub-district (1 district, 1 quality school) in 3 aspects: 1) basic structures such as school buildings, educational gyms, football fields, transportation systems, electrical systems, recycling waste plants And the environment within the school 2) Promote international education such as STEM Education, career development and joint development of information systems 3) Create a network and participation between the school and the community.

At the same time, the Prime Minister said a special lecture at the launch event of the Tambon Quality School Project, one that the development of education is the main mechanism in human resource development. To develop children and youth to have skills in occupation Reduce inequality The goal is to create good people, talented people with morality as the national force. The government gives importance to education reform, developing quality schools. Expand learning opportunities in communities and in the city Considered the beginning of development that creates equality The important thing is learning outside the classroom. Enhance knowledge Building immunity in a society that has rapid technological changes Teachers must teach to know the world, including technology. Analytical thinking Dare to express in the right way, reduce learning time, increase knowledge, create lifelong learning.

The Prime Minister reiterated that Participation of local communities is important. Children need to learn their own local stories from those who know who have experience, create local love consciousness to grow as an adult that brings knowledge and ability to develop their own localities. In addition, all sectors must help each other to develop the education of local communities. To be concrete and to form together as a network to exchange knowledge and create and lead to being a community that is strong and sustainable.

Then the Prime Minister went to visit the exhibition Sub-district quality schools, including science classrooms Computer classroom English Classroom Electronic library (E-library) Football field simulation playground

For the district quality school project is a project that follows the policy “1 Tambon 1 Quality School” with the objective of developing local schools at the district level to be a quality school in the district under the concept of “1 Tambon 1 Quality School” to be strong. Academic and ready to develop morality, ethics, occupation and health can provide educational services. To students and communities It also increases the opportunity to access quality education. Reducing educational sequences Solving economic and social inequalities for local students in rural areas and promoting private participation in Wat Rattana School to develop quality learners

Source: Royal Thai Government

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