The Prime Minister monitors the performance And follow up to help the victims From a tropical storm, “Pabuk” stated, worked for 5 years, never stopped thinking about it someday Promise to do the best

At Srinakarin Park 84, Na Khian Sub-district, Mueang Nakhon Si Thammarat District Nakhon Si Thammarat Province General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, monitored the performance And follow up to help the victims of the tropical storm “Pabuk” by the Prime Minister driving two rows of wood from Nakorn – Khao Chamao, Nakhon Si Thammarat Meet the villagers and then watch the choral performance. “Fight for the Land” by the students at Tha Ruea Mittraphap School The prime minister Stood up and sang And held the symbol of the I Love You hand while simultaneously watching the shadow show. “One brother, Mr. Latung blind Folk culture “and cried to the Prime Minister. The atmosphere was fun. The Prime Minister and the villagers who attended the event laughed all the time. By the Prime Minister on stage Give prizes And said to admire one brother Please create a society with such happiness for the whole country. And stated that he cried in the prime minister’s tease Long time ago

On this occasion, the Prime Minister, video conferencing Lawrence opened the way through the house, he Thungsong to take a U-turn at the intersection tackle risk and Luxembourg over the area

, then the Prime Minister has said that the public one. Today came down to follow up the work of all government agencies. Saw every smile and was happy Do not scold each other The Prime Minister took the heart to leave Nakhon Si Thammarat people, a small heart with 68 million rooms, reiterating everyone is a family. Don’t let anyone destroy the history of Thailand. Every history is a good thing to be proud of. And don’t remember bad things in the past

The Prime Minister discussed the work of the government that has solved many problems, such as solving many non-formal debt problems. Re: allocation of arable land And the problem of rubber prices, causing the past 5 years to not sleep because of having to think about the problem forever and within 2 years there will be a rubber industry going on While the problem of oil palm prices must work together And believe that the price will be better And do not have any conflicts anymore.

At the end, the Prime Minister said Today came to inspect the government as the Prime Minister. Therefore, the security team can come and work throughout the past 5 years. Never stop thinking one day And didn’t understand why the Thai prime minister wanted to be together Which he promised to do the best As long as it is still active, during the talks with the people, the Prime Minister has tried to speak with the southern accent that “Love, love, come today, be happy.” And return to Bangkok

Source: Royal Thai Government

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