The Prime Minister recognizes the grace And thanked the Thai people for their birthday Point out that the country is progressing End the conflict Happy people

Lieutenant General Weerachai Sukonthathiam, Deputy Prime Minister’s spokesman revealed that on the occasion of the birthday of General Prayut Chan-ocha, the Prime Minister felt the gratitude of His Majesty and His Majesty the King and the royal family that gave and gave the flower vase to Siri. more favorable to life today

also appreciate the prime minister Rama Prasad. Nadine and I have been The Prime Minister thanked all those who wish to celebrate their birthday through greeting cards, social media and other media, saying that every greeting has meaning and is a great encouragement. Personally, seeing that the birthday is not a special day. But every day is the special day of the Prime Minister to think and make benefits for every country and Thai people What you pray today is Wish Thailand to move forward Free from conflict And all parties cooperate to create a peaceful nation successful And the people live well

Source: Royal Thai Government

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