The Prime Minister reiterated various measures of political parties. Please consider the moral principles. And budget law regulations

The Prime Minister gave an opinion. Campaign of all political parties In the case of holding a policy that Will carry out any matters which will require a large amount of state budget Some issues may affect various sectors, including the public sector, the private sector, including the government, such as education, welfare, wage increases, etc.

The Prime Minister confirms that every government must operate under the law, budget, finance, fiscal and other relevant laws. Which can be done much depends on the income And the overall budget of the state There is only one way to do as many political parties have campaigned for. The state must have more income from collecting taxes both directly, indirectly, profit and income of state enterprises. Fees and other income increase the number of tourists coming to Thailand more And if the budget is insufficient, the loan must be considered. Public debt will increase as well. Wage increases must not affect investment. Moving production bases, investments while we are accelerating investment in various economic areas to increase state revenue Add more career jobs And increase welfare care for Thai people

The Prime Minister insists that if we still find more income for the state is not enough. Will not be able to follow many policies Political parties can campaign so quickly in this election. Whether the prime minister And who will the government be? Will have good governance in the administration of the country Which includes moral principles, transparency, participation, responsibility, value Where to find the budget Is it in the financial discipline? The government needs to look after People of all sectors throughout the country

Source: Royal Thai Government

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