The Prime Minister revealed that the land of Sor Sor was removed as a land title deed in the process of discussion. Remind you to be careful if appropriate or not.

Today (22 January 2019) at 13.00 hrs. At the Command Building Hall 1, Government House, General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, said after the cabinet meeting Regarding the case of bringing the land of Sor Sor. In the process of discussion Therefore, be cautious about the presentation of the land. Whether or not it is appropriate Because it will make agricultural land Become more and more done Which will find measures for the method of bringing the land to benefit for participation rather than farming

The Prime Minister continued to refer to measures to promote forestry that Has expanded the area to be more thorough in various lands which require registration And track the growth of trees every year When the tree grows Can be used as an asset Became a legacy for children Including being able to use as collateral for securities in requesting a loan with the bank By having to encourage people to participate in the growing of forests, focusing on planting 3 forests, giving 4 benefits and allowing people to live together in the forest As for the promotion measures for the private sector that brought money to help in the form of CSR, the Ministry of Finance is ready to consider applying for financial aid to reduce taxes for the private sector.

Source: Royal Thai Government

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