The Prime Minister stated that the power of the committee is not flat. “Parawat” confirms the government’s move to “reduce-and-stop” using parquant substances. In the fastest time

Today (18 February 2019) at 13.20 hrs. At the Command Building Hall 1, Government House, General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, said after the cabinet meeting that the Committee on Hazardous Substances has not yet banned the hazardous chemicals that The government hopes to cancel the use in the future. But it depends on the committee Will set out But the method that is charged is Please answer every question. All parties can Because this is the right of the committee to determine the government’s part, it must go ahead with this plan. In order to reduce and stop within the fastest time Today I like to say that there is a chemical capital group. I don’t know Who is the capital group that tells you? Asked if there is a role in determining the chemical direction of Thailand Went to see it well I think sometimes it is looking for ways to say it is corrupt.

“If we still damage Do not trust each other today. Next day, many things can’t happen. Trying to do many things To accept Give confidence Solving corruption problems I said many times. This government has many penalties. Worth tens of thousands of hundreds of millions of baht Still not interested Which everything enters into the judicial process and offers to participate in a way that is possible If everyone doesn’t help each other And how to fix it Which I personally follow every day to solve problems, “the Prime Minister said.

Source: Royal Thai Government

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