The Prime Minister visited activities organized by the public and private sectors before attending the cabinet meeting.

Today (8 January 2019) at 09.00 hrs. Before the Cabinet meeting at the Command Building 1, Government House, General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, visit the activities of various ministries as follows: 1) Impressions, “One-stop service All matters “by the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission 2) Promote teachers’ day activities by the Secretariat of the Teachers Council of Thailand Ministry of Education 3) National e-Library project by the Basic Education Committee Ministry of Education 4) The committee of the villagers visited the Prime Minister By the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

This opportunity, Dr. Thira Kiat Charoen Sethasil Minister of Education, Mr. Karun Sakulpradit, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education With the management team Bring the students to give orchids. Teachers’ Day Flowers and Music CDs “Honor Teachers” to the Prime Minister Along with publicizing the 63rd Teachers ‘Day ceremony in 2019. The theme of this year’s Teachers’ Day is “Moral Leadership for Thai Teachers Create a Thai child, a loyal heart “which the Prime Minister Gave the slogan of the Teachers’ Day that “Dee Dee Dee has progressed to technology”

The Prime Minister visited the National e-Library project to publicize the current public relations information. Both as information for learning files, documents, sounds, photos, documents, ancient books Old and new learning styles, comic novels for children Audio and video media The Prime Minister expressed appreciation for the development of the system to promote youth education. That is part of human resource development Because promoting self-learning Youth need to learn about outside the classroom. Knowledge around parents must support the development of curiosity. Want to see things around Books are valuable literature, children and young people. The next generation must learn from the text along with the use of technology.

From then on, Mr. Pichet Durongveerot, Minister of Digital Economy and Society Bring the group to meet to publicize the exhibition “One-stop service, complete all points” as follows: 1) The government service center for integrated electronic entity (Biz Portal) provides public service through online channels at 2) The Citizen Portal is a public information center for public information services ( 3) Integrated Government Service Center at Central Plaza Salaya, Nakhon Pathom Province Is to upgrade the service of the Government Service Point which will be operated by Nakhon Pathom Including providing more diverse services By the Prime Minister Said that the project Will facilitate the people as much as the reform of the bureaucratic system to reduce the steps to quickly integrate many agencies, both public and private sectors, to work by using the concept of civil states, all sectors must help each other Driven by technology Today’s world is the world of Internet of thing to advance to the 5.0 era of digital and technology.

Mr. Krisada Bunraj, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Led the villagers’ committee to meet the Prime Minister The Prime Minister congratulated the local philosopher who came together to bring knowledge, ability and experience to convey to future generations. Knowledge and experience Useful for the development of the country, whether it is agriculture, fisheries, or the important thing is to apply modern technology to apply to previous knowledge in order to gain access to knowledge And can be used to generate income and develop local communities Which is working according to the civil state model That all sectors help each other to contribute to sustainable development And asked the villagers to cooperate with the government To help propel sustainable policies and agriculture

Source: Royal Thai Government

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