The Prime Minister visited and gave testimony to the youth in relation to the occasion of the 2019 National Children’s Day to be a morale for children and youth

The Prime Minister appreciated the Youth Relations Project Beneficial to children and youth Instill discipline Know the merits of the public Which will lead to the development of the country to progress further

Today (12 Jan 62) 09.50 hrs. Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, visited and gave testimony to the youth in relation to the occasion of the National Children’s Day Year 2019 of the Metropolitan Police Bureau. Royal Thai Police To be a morale for the children and youth who participated in the Youth Relations Project at the event area of the Royal Thai Police Ministry of Education, with Police General Chakthip Chaichinda, Police Commissioner General Pol.T. Suttipong Wongpin, Police Commissioner Youth Relations Committee And youth relations to participate in the event

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Said the report on the youth relationship training project that Has been continuing until the present, for 42 years, there have been 375 youth relationship training programs, with 130,693 children and young people who have passed the training. To agencies of both the public and private sectors Which will now focus on training to know the dangers of drugs Using the internet And basic law Which the youth relationship has brought to the parents the knowledge gained Bring the youth of 1,550 people to join in the gathering here, as always, like every year

This opportunity, the Prime Minister praised and thanked the Royal Thai Police. Metropolitan Police Bureau And the Youth Relations Committee Who have collaborated to conduct the Youth Relations Project Which is a project that directly benefits children and youth of the nation That is a valuable resource and an important force in developing the country to progress in the future And requesting the implementation of the Youth Relations Project of the Metropolitan Police Headquarters to achieve the objectives set forth. The Youth Relations Project is a way to help and instill discipline for children and youth. Have love for unity be honest Know the social benefits As well as practicing tolerance for obstacles in daily life To allow children and youth to grow into quality adults Create benefits for themselves and society

At the same time, the Prime Minister emphasized that Requesting all relevant agencies to organize activities for children and youth to come out and talk in front of the class 4 – 5 times a week to encourage children and youth to develop their abilities and assert themselves in the right way Including the introduction of case studies that occur both in good and bad ways in various digital media for young children to practice critical thinking in the selection and consideration of the matter For children and youth to know how to consider, decide and act properly At the same time, children and youth must adapt themselves to keep up with global changes and modern technology. Including constantly pursuing knowledge and learning In order to know the situation around While preparing children and youth in all aspects In order to be able to stand firmly in a world society that is rapidly changing quickly Every department, both government and private sectors

And the Prime Minister sent good wishes to all children and youth By asking everyone to abide by the good things that parents, teachers and adults have taught Including having responsibility, intention to pursue education Behave in ways that benefit society as a whole In accordance with the slogan this year that requires all children and youth to adhere to as a guideline, namely, “children, youth, volunteers, national development”

In addition, youth relations representatives Gave a thank you to the Prime Minister who had received the obedience to the youth in relation to the occasion of the National Children Day of the Year 2019 and said to be committed as a representative of all youths that Every youth relationship promises to intend to study successfully. And will use the free time to be useful Not related to the trafficking and drugs Will respect the laws and rights of others See the public benefits rather than personal benefits Will obey the teachings of parents, teachers and will follow the motto that the Prime Minister has given to children and youth as “children, youth, volunteer, develop national” to grow into a valuable adult in the future Together, keep the national institutions, religions and monarchs. Keep stable forever

Then the Prime Minister greeted children and youth. And visit the exhibition booths and activities of the public and private sectors Before traveling to the Government House To conduct the opening ceremony of the National Children’s Day celebration at the Government House, the year 2019

Source: Royal Thai Government

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