The Prime Minister visited Phukha Complex OTOP Center, Phu Kha Sub-district, Chaloem Phra Kiat District, Saraburi Province and OTOP Vocational Training Center, the largest OTOP Management Learning Center in Thailand.

Today (28 January 2019) Time 15.30 hrs. At OTOP Complex, Phu Khae Subdistrict, Phu Khae District, Chaloem Phra Kiat District Saraburi And OTOP vocational training center, the largest OTOP management learning center in Thailand. General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, visited the local product development. In order to strengthen the foundation economy, which the OTOP Complex, Phu Kha Is a center for collecting, displaying and selling OTOP products. It is also a comprehensive learning resource. Covering both production Management and marketing, including online trading

Then the Prime Minister visited the Hua Li market. “Happy building market Community building “(Good prototype project for the OTOP tourism project), which is a market in the garden. Managed by the community committee Focusing on the community to create activities Find the identity and charm of the community. To attract tourists Make OTOP group members, community producers And farmers’ groups have more income

This opportunity, the Prime Minister asked about the operating results and the number of tourists. With suggestions to coordinate with hotel operators together, organize trips to bring tourists to visit, study and visit to transfer knowledge And increasing the number of tourists to generate income. In addition, the Prime Minister also suggested the use of technology to be useful. In public relations places To be widely known For the production of that product Requesting to produce as needed Do not produce overcapacity throughout the visit. The Prime Minister visited food vendors and greeted the merchants. And take pictures for a friendly memorial When completing the mission The Prime Minister and the group therefore returned to Bangkok.

Source: Royal Thai Government

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