The Prime Minister visited the activities before entering the cabinet meeting. Compliment the teaching and learning of English through songs Create awareness of the benefits of insurers

Today (19 March 2019) at 15.30 hrs. Before the Cabinet meeting at the Command Building 1, Government House, General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, visited the Ministry’s various visiting activities as follows: A project for the development of English language teaching by the Ministry Education Exhibition of large-scale agricultural extension systems: in the case of large mangoes By the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, organizing Crafts Bangkok 2019 by the International Crafts Promotion Center And health promotion and disease prevention to insurers in the workplace By the Ministry of Labor

Dr. Thirakiat Charoen Sethasil The Minister of Education led the Faculty of Public Relations to develop the teaching and learning of English, emphasizing how to practice English from vocabulary, simple conversation through vocabulary memorization. By the students of the Mittraphap School, 4 people presenting the activity of My English Chant, memorizing words through songs The Prime Minister appreciated that Is an educational reform that focuses on creating learning to memorize vocabulary easily, raising the level of teaching to suit the present age

Mr. Krisada Bunrach, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Organize public relations Exhibition of large-scale agricultural extension systems: in the case of large mangoes Encourage farmers to integrate large-scale integrated farming groups of government and private agencies. To demonstrate the strength of the mango growers Until becoming the Mango Gardeners Association, processing mango products under the concept “Mango So Good!” Such as glutinous rice tarts Mango, papaya salad, mango, this opportunity, Prime Minister tasted the product and said Group integration among farmers in exchange of learning Marketing negotiation with the aim of strengthening large agricultural groups Able to manage group activities From upstream to downstream sustainably

From then on, Mrs. Ampawan Pichalai, the Director of the International Arts and Crafts Promotion Center (Public Organization) or SACICT to promote Crafts Bangkok 2019 under the concept of “Retell the Details”, presenting stories, identity and wisdom of Thai handicrafts in forms such as hand-woven fabrics, basketry, pottery work And jewelry By the art teacher of the land Teachers, craftsmen, handicrafts, heirs, art crafts and Both at home and abroad The Prime Minister appreciated Thai craftsmanship There is a splendor, beautiful and unique, taking into account the actual use, applying the original pattern and the new pattern to be new and modern.

Incidentally, the police officer, General Adul Saengsingkaew, Minister of Labor Led the group to meet with the Prime Minister to promote health promotion and disease prevention to insurers in the workplace The Social Security Office has cooperated with 9 agencies, namely the Department of Welfare and Labor protection The agencies under the Ministry of Public Health are the Department of Medical Services, Department of Health, Department of Disease Control, Department of Mental Health and the Private Hospital Association. Chamber of Commerce of Thailand And the Federation of Thai Industries By cooperation from the establishment And the hospital that joined the project Providing oral health examination services Eye / hearing measurement Laboratory examination Chest X-ray Cervical cancer examination With a specialized medical team Ready to give advice to workers, insured employees and the Prime Minister said The government has a policy to help people in concrete ways. Requesting to publicize the rights that can be used, such as the emergency illness hotline UCEP 1669

Source: Royal Thai Government

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