The Prime Minister visited the teaching and learning management Of Mae Moh Kindergarten Quality school according to government policy Focusing on teaching children to think about the end of their work.

The Prime Minister visited the teaching and learning of the Mae Moh Kindergarten. Quality school according to government policy Focusing on teaching children to think about the end of their work.

Today (15 January 2019) at 14.30 hrs. At Mae Moh Kindergarten, Mae Mo District, Lampang Province. General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, visited the school’s teaching and learning Which has been selected to participate in the 1 Tambon 1 School Project, the quality according to government policy. Is a school that aims to develop educational management into international standards Have basic academic knowledge Create students to keep abreast of the technology, think of it as a way to solve problems according to the philosophy of sufficiency economy, morality, ethics as a community school for communities and community service. Enabling the school to receive good cooperation from the community in terms of budget And supporting school activities

This opportunity, the Prime Minister gave a policy to teachers. And one local leader that The government came to administer the country in order to solve problems and move forward. The area to meet with people Come to see how much self and government are sincere in solving problems Do not want anyone to love And do not want to be an enemy to anyone, both inside and outside of the country Which everyone must cooperate to solve the problem By starting from solving social problems first Focus on human resource development Prepare to be a quality person

The Prime Minister continued that Teacher careers are personnel that are important to the foundation of national development. Teachers must change teaching methods. Teach students to think as an end. Have a job. Have a good idea. Do not teach students with memorization. Requires students to learn by themselves Can finish using the knowledge gained Along with asking teachers to use the internet And sympathizers to apply teaching to benefit Doing material for students interested Bring outside personnel to teach To stimulate interest, create motivation Including brain development for students Produce students to meet national needs and the labor market Including teaching students to have conscience and volunteering

As for the policy of decentralization of education for that locality The Prime Minister said that the local community must participate in the management of fair opportunities and equality of education. Give everyone access to education Can study books Whether it is non-formal education And distance education online Which teachers and localities are indivisible Must cooperate to strengthen local strength.

Then the Prime Minister visited the activity Project from Mae Moh Kindergarten School The students presented activities and projects in the local language, Thai, English and Chinese, to impress the Prime Minister very much. The Prime Minister praised the ability of students Ready to allow teachers to develop language skills for students Do not teach students with memorization.

Completed, the Prime Minister went to meet with the 1st grade students. The Prime Minister taught the students to read the book. Ready to teach mathematics And participated in the rhythmic dance activity, performing the song “Limbo Rock” at the end of the song The Prime Minister and students have embraced each other. Ready to make a symbol I love you. Love each other.

Source: Royal Thai Government

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