The Prime Minister watched the art paintings on the Wall Art wall, a new tourist spot Of Lampang Province

The Prime Minister visited the art paintings on the Wall Art Street, the new tourist spot of Lampang.

Today (14 January 2019) at 20.00 hrs. At Ratsadaphisek Bridge, Muang District, Lampang Province, General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Faculty See art paintings on the walls of the public houses or the Street Art on the banks of the Wang River. Which is a collaboration between Lampang province artists and Lampang people to promote tourism and creative tourism of the government with the governor of Lampang And local people waiting to be welcomed

When the Prime Minister arrived, joined the group photo shoot. And greeted the people, students and the elderly who were waiting for the reception

On this occasion, the Prime Minister walked to visit the Street Art on the Wang River by taking pictures of a couple of school children in the long wall on the side of the bridge that will go down to the Wang River According to the paintings on the wall, including the image of a noodle in a bowl of chicken brand, Lampang horse carriage, a picture of a child playing hide and seek. And pictures of children holding balloons Which is a collaboration of Lampang artists and people who own houses that collaborate to give the walls of houses as art spaces As well as complying with government policies To improve the landscape to create color on the Wang River Focused on promoting creative tourism And at the end of this month Lampang will organize the Lampang Street Festival between 26 – 27 January 2019 to invite lovers of art, culture and nature to experience the charm of Lampang. And promote tourism to create creative tourism in Lampang

For the Ratsadaphisek Bridge is a bridge over the Wang River. Located in Hua Wiang Subdistrict Mueang Lampang district, Lampang province, which is the symbol of Lampang city Was created to honor the occasion of King Rama V in the reign of His Highness 25 years in 1894

Source: Royal Thai Government

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