The South of Thailand’s electricity situation back to normal

          EGAT stated that electricity situation in the southern provinces has been back to normal after 18 days of gas supply disruption from Thailand-Malaysia Joint Development Area (JDA). EGAT also appreciated the cooperation from the public and related sectors for helping save the power. In the future, the South of Thailand requires more power capacities to strengthen the system security and avoid any risks.

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          Mr. Suthon Boonprasong, Deputy Governor – Transmission, EGAT said that regarding the gas supply cut from JDA-A18 for 18 days from June 28 to July 11, 2017, PTT could start supplying the gas as normal on July 11, 2019. After EGAT restarted Chana Power Plant Units 1-2, the electricity system security in the southern provinces has been back to normal.

          During the gas supply disruption, the peak demand in the region was 2,463 MW, while EGAT power plants in the region could generate 1,800 MW of power, and the purchase from small power producers-biomass in the area was 60 MW. To meet all demand, the power from the central region was supplied to the South for 600 MW, and power import from Malaysia was added on some days. Moreover, 33.5 million liters of diesel oil and fuel oil were used to substitute the lost fuel.

          “I would like to thank all people to help save the power until the situation was solved. In the future, it is expected that the power demand in the southern provinces will increase. To strengthen the power system security in the long term, there is necessity to add more power capacities in the area,” said the Deputy Governor.