“Theerachai-ML Korakasiwat” supports the PPP economic team.

“Big Fort” welcomes “Teerachai-ML Korakasiwat” to support the PPP economic team, believing in working together with “Mingkwan”. Definitely a good guarantee. Refuse to respond to political deals after having a picture of eating “Anutin-Sak Siam”

General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister As the leader of the Palang Pracharat Party (PACC), announcing the launch of M.L. Kornkasiwat Kasemsri, an independent academic on energy. and Mr. Teerachai Phuwana Ranuban Road Former Finance Minister during the government of Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra to join the economic team of the Palang Pracharat Party

Gen. Prawit welcomed and expressed his pleasure to work together in the Palang Pracharat Party. and bringing benefits to the people is important and thanked both of them for agreeing to join the party which the party is pleased to welcome both of you with great pleasure

Mr. Thirachai said that the reason why he decided to respond was because he saw that the country was facing big problems in the next three to four years. Part of the problem comes from global geopolitics. This will be a big wave with Thailand in terms of economy and international relations. In addition, the global economic problems began to show symptoms. Both the money market in the US and Europe.

“The administration of the country must have a policy that focuses on making the people strong in themselves. Use the real king’s science. It’s not about waiting for a Prime Minister to stand out as if one person can come up with a solution for every community. So it’s time for the government to change the way of administration to encourage the people. Add a channel for yourself to be responsible. Help each other, different trees, different hands. It improves the country’s competitiveness, ”said Mr. Teerachai.

Mr. Thirachai said that the administration of the country does not create a balance between the interests of consumers and private capitalists that must be corrected. because the people were taken advantage of At the same time, there must be a policy that eliminates conflict. Really open to listening to problems and opinions of the people. Ready to see that in order to solve these problems, political parties must open up to professional professionals joining political parties. There must be more administration to balance the interests of the people. Political parties must be able to manage conflicts in society. and sees that economic policies affect the well-being of the people, namely the energy sector, and the person who drafts the energy policy that covers all aspects is Mr. Sontirat, Minister of Energy, who has invited himself and ML Kasiwat Joined the event and saw that the work had to go beyond the individual. step out of shirt steps for the people In this election, Gen. Prawit raised the flag to overcome the conflict. therefore decided to join the party To propose a policy that benefits the people, is practical, creates a balance with the people, the capitalist, without the benefit of the owner’s family. And it is a far-reaching policy to provide alternatives for the people.

M.L. Korakasiwat said that the reason for deciding to join the Pracharath Palang Party Because there is an interest in closely monitoring energy problems, together with the people’s movement to achieve fairness in Thai energy management since 2008, a total of more than 15 years, which has never heard any political party talk about the benefits in this regard. Until hearing Mr. Sontirat speak on stage, it was the beginning of the conversation. Which the adults in the party themselves have followed and saw the importance, therefore allowed themselves to have a conversation with Gen. Prawit, so he knew that the Palang Pracharat Party had intentions It’s not just a sudden reduction in energy prices. have been talking for a long time Open-minded to listen to their opinions. and ready to fully exchange Make yourself confident that economic policies Especially in the energy sector, it will be screened to be the policy that solves the problem while standing in the utmost benefit of the people.

“If General Prawit becomes Prime Minister He will serve as chairman of the National Energy Policy Council. Confidence that the party’s policy on energy must be pushed to success. It is believed that if the power of the civil state is implemented as a policy, it will change the lives of the people for the better. Because energy belongs to the people, for the people, according to the party’s intentions, thank you General Prawit and all sectors for the warm welcome, ”said M.L. Korakasiwat.

On the side of Gen. Prawit, he said that the media must have heard that the party has a large number of economic teams. ready to solve problems for the country be able to eat and use Raise the level of living for the better. Therefore, I would like to leave the press to publicize that the party has a strong economic team. ready to work for the country

After that, Gen. Prawit joined hands with 2 economic teams who attended the Palang Pracharath Party event.

When asked about how the party’s economic policy team would come out, Gen. Prawit stated that he asked to come out first and then ask. The party will have an economic team that will come out on its own. I can’t think alone Why can’t you do it alone? The party has many teams working on economic issues. The party’s policies will gradually come out continuously.

As for being able to work with Mr. Mingkwan Sangsuwan, another economic team of the party or not, Gen. Prawit stated that they could work together without any problems. because both of them have knowledge together Let’s talk about what to do. I’m sure it’s good, definitely good.

When asked if there will be more economic teams to come or not, Gen. Prawit said that this was enough.

When asked if he could fight with another party’s economic team, Gen. Prawit said he would fight with someone. He will fight the poverty of the people so that the people live well. to receive equal justice for everyone As for the case where there is a picture appearing to have lunch with Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health Mr. Saksayam Chidchob, Minister of Transport, Mr. Chada Thaiset, MP for Uthai Thani Bhumjaithai Party, General Prawit replied, “Can’t you eat it?”

When asked whether it would be a new political polarization or not Between Palang Pracharath and Bhumjaithai, Gen. Prawit said, “I don’t know, you just think about it yourself.” What are you going to eat? Why do you want to know so much?”

Source: Thai News Agency