“Tiew Thai Me Hey” tourism promotion music video draws cultural protest

A leading culture protector has called on the state to consider censoring an official music video (MV) promoting tourism in the country reasoning that the “Tossakan giant, the major literary character in the video was inappropriately and incorrectly used to perform the show.

Ms Ladda Tangsupachai, the former director of the Cultural Surveillance Centre of the Culture Ministry, has lodged complaint with the Bunditpatanasilpa Institute of the Fine Arts Department accusing that the official music video Tiew Thai Me Hey now widely viewed on the Internet carried several scenes which are considered inappropriate and did not actually reflect the giant’s original role as depicted in the Thai classic literature.

Inappropriate performances of the Tossakan, a giant classical character, the lead role player in the MV, included giant taking selfies, giant riding horse, giant driving go-cart.

She said Tossakan giant in the Ramakien literature, the Thai national epic, in fact never rides horse but elephant.

Her complaint later prompted the Department of Cultural Promotion to call a meeting of academics, experts and producer of the music video to find a solution to the problem.

It was later agreed that the producer would make correction of the inappropriate scenes which were accused of.

Meanwhile the film producer Bhandit Thongdee said he was ready to make changes to the MV whuch is about 40% of the video to meet the desire of the culture protector.

He ruled out ignorance in giving the giant the role in the film saying before shooting the team all his advisors were from the Department of Fine Arts.

They had advised him not to have the giant wearing shoes while walking on the beach, or wearing black sun glasses, and he had agreed.

But he said he was ready to fulfil what they wished, adding if they still are not happy and insist on the ban of the MV on air, then it is up to them.

He pledged to complete the changes within a week or by September 27.

The Tiew Thai Me Hey was first aired on September 11 to promote tourism destinations in Thailand.

The MV saw famous musical artist Keng Tachaya Patumwan singing and playing the giant role in the MV along with singer Fymme Bongkot Charoentham.

Tachaya has earlier captured 14 gold medals and five trophy awards in a range of categories at the 20th Annual World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA), held at Long Beach, California, from July 7 to 17. WCOPA competition is considered the Olympics of the Performing Arts.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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