Tourism and local life unaffected by Pra Mongkutklao Hospital explosion incident

An explosion incident at Bangkok’s Pra Mongkutklao Hospital has wounded more than 20 people, none of them tourists or foreign nationals. The explosion was reported as going off at around 10am today in a hospital waiting room.  The building was quickly closed to protect patients and so that sniffer dogs could be sent in to help in the investigation. Closed Circuit footage is also being examined by the police.

The hospital is on Rachawithi Road, which is not considered a major tourist area. Also, this was a very minor incident, and so had no impact on locals and tourists who have been able to go about their daily tasks and continue with travel plans as usual. Furthermore, the incident has had no impact on traffic flow locally or in other parts of Bangkok. Transportation is operating as normal and all tourist destinations, venues and attractions remain open as usual.

Security has already been stepped up in popular visitor attractions in Bangkok, especially in the area of Sanam Luang. A 2-kilometre security zone has been established and protected by regular police and army patrols and closed circuit security cameras.

Thailand takes security extremely seriously and takes every precaution to ensure the safety of visitors and locals. The recent explosion incidents in the capital seem to be aimed at causing disruption rather than serious injury with most taking place away from areas popular with tourists.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT is closely monitoring as well as assessing the situation, and will be providing regular updates.

Tourism Authority of Thailand
22 May 2017 at 17.00 Hrs.

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