Trade office in US ordered to assess impact

The Department of International Trade Promotion has ordered it’s trade office in the United States to assess the impact that may affect Thailand if the US President’s trade surplus policy is implemented.

The order was given by the department’s director-general Mrs Malee Choklumlerd.

She said it still needs to wait and see the measures to be issued by the US government.

Thailand enjoyed a 18-billion baht trade surplus with the US last year, similar to the previous years.

She said the measures to be implemented by the US government to reverse the trade imbalance would not impact the overall export of Thailand.

Thailand’s exports to the US were mostly the products the US could not produce or not enough for consumption.

If the US imposes trade barriers against Thailand, the cost of products in US would be higher.

She was confident that there is still bright prospect for Thai exports to the US this year.

However the Commerce Ministry has invited the private sector to discuss the plan this week to address the impact that may occur.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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