Trang deputy governor to petition Palace against alleged unfair reshuffle

Trang deputy governor Sayant Intharapak has vowed to petition the Palace and to take his case to the Administrative Court to seek justice over what he alleged as unfair reshuffle of governors.

Sayant insisted that he was qualified to be promoted as a governor because he has the seniority and has only one year left in the service before his compulsory retirement next year.

The deputy governor argued that he didn’t petition his case for himself but for many of his peers in the Interior Ministry who were not fairly treated in the annual reshuffle.

He said that he wanted a good precedent to be set because previous reshuffles were done in a way which disregard regulations and without transparency.

Mr Sayant made clear that he would not accept promotion even if he won the case and, at the same time, was ready to face the consequences if he lost the case.

Earlier, he posted two messages in his Facebook page challenging interior permanent secretary Krisda Boonrach’s claim that the reshuffle followed proper procedure.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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