Two new Zika virus cases found in Chiang Mai

Public health officials have confirmed two new Zika virus cases in Sansai district of Chiang Mai province, raising total Zika cases to 11 so far.

One of the two new cases is a 24-year-old six-month pregnant woman living at Ton Sarng village in Tambon Sansai Luang, Sansai district.

According to public health officials villagers in the communities have helped together to eliminate all breeding sources of mosquitoes after the woman was found to contact the disease.

But the woman showed no sign of sickness although laboratory test revealed she has contacted the virus.

The confirmation of two new cases raised total accumulated Zika cases in Chiang Mai to 11.

However health officials confirmed nine patients have recovered from sickness.

The two new patients are now quarantined and under close monitoring for five days, and will be discharged after completing the required 28 days of watch.

Health officials said Zika patients show no sign of sickness, but the virus could be detected from blood test.

Health officials are now launching campaign to encourage several communities to help stop the outbreak through the elimination of all breeding sources of mosquitoes.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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