Upgrading Public Health Employees to Civil Servants to Fight COVID-19

The Cabinet on 16 March 2021 approved the upgrading of the status of an additional 3,179 permanent employees at the Ministry of Public Health to the category of civil servants to handle the emergency situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ministry of Public Health was earlier given approval to appoint a total of 38,105 civil servants to help with its operations against the spread of COVID-19 infections.

Out of this number, the ministry has already appointed 34,926 persons by elevating their status of permanent employees to that of civil servants.

The upgrading of their status was meant to boost their morale and was done in recognition of their hard work and contributions during the COVID-19 crisis. In so doing, they will receive better welfare and benefits.

However, 3,179 permanent employees had not yet been appointed as civil servants, because of certain problems; for instance, their qualifications do not correspond with the posts, or the category of their employment has been changed.

The Ministry of Public Health has, therefore requested that the status of the remaining 3,179 permanent employees be elevated to that of civil servants, while their problems are being solved to facilitate their appointment to the new posts.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department


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