Vaccination against COVID-19 Included in the National Agenda

Prime Minister and Defense Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has urged the people to register to get vaccinated against COVID-19, saying that vaccination against this pandemic has been included in the national agenda.


Speaking after the Cabinet meeting on 11 May 2021, the Prime Minister stressed the need to accelerate COVID-19 vaccination among the people in order to achieve herd immunity in Thailand, so that the country would be able to move forward.


He reaffirmed that all COVID-19 vaccines acquired by the Government have been certified by the Ministry of Public Health for their effectiveness, safety, and quality. They have also been used in many countries, with minimal chance of side effects, and medical experts found that the vaccines could prevent death and serious illness from COVID-19 infection.


The Prime Minister stated that the Government had opened registration for free nationwide vaccinations against COVID-19 through the “Mor Prompt” system for two groups of people: older persons aged 60 years and over and those with serious health conditions.


He said that about 1.6 million people in the two groups have so far registered for the vaccination program. Out of this number, more than 500,000 live in Bangkok and over 200,000 live in Lampang province.


The Prime Minster commended the active participation of Lampang residents, as the proportion of registered persons in Lampang is the highest of all provinces, based the size of the local population.


He thanked medical personnel, volunteers, and all sectors involved for their continued operations against COVID-19. The Prime Minister also called on all provinces to step up campaigns to encourage more people to register for vaccinations against the disease.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department

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