Vice Governor, Gen. Prachin. Chairman of the Board of Directors Meeting Digital for the National Economy and Society No. 1/2562

Today (15 February 2019) at 13:30 hrs. At the meeting room 109, 1st floor, Office of the Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office Government House Air Chief Marshal Prajin Chan Tong, Deputy Prime Minister Is the chairman of the digital committee meeting for the National Economic and Social Development No. 1/2562.

The National Digital Economic and Social Commission acknowledges the progress of providing basic telecommunications services and social services. (USO) Organizing communication lines and conducting underground communications in the year 2018 and plans to organize communication lines and bring communication lines underground in 2019 as well as progress in the ASEAN Smart Cities Network: ASCN )

This opportunity, the meeting agreed to drive the implementation of the metric information system to support the measurement of digital development status for the country’s economy and society. In achieving digital goals in Thailand as follows: 1. Increase competitiveness. 2. Create equal social opportunities 3. Develop human capital into the digital age Prepare for personnel and 4. Reform the working paradigms and services of the government sector. With the approval of the Quick Win plan to enhance the country’s digital competitiveness

In the follow-up and analysis of the status of digital development for the national economy and society continuously and systematically There will be a mechanism and network for monitoring, storing and analyzing information on the digital development of the country. As well as pushing the driving plan together with various agencies that have related missions, such as a Quick Win project that will help raise the index and indicators that will affect the competitiveness of Digital aspects of the country Which is an important role of the ministry In bringing Thailand to the next stage of the world, which in the year 2018, Thailand has been ranked better from the global index of many institutions, including the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Competitiveness 4.0. 0 which reflects the image of digital economic and social development Ranked 38th out of 140 countries (moving up from the top 2 in 2017), in the Business Dynamism Index ranked 27th from 140 countries (moving up 8 from 2017) World Digital Index IMD’s competitiveness has overall ranking results. Ranked 39th out of 63 countries (moving up from the top two in 2017) by a group of technological development framework indicators (Technological Framework) ranked 23rd out of 63 countries (moving up 7 ranks from 2017). The UN’s e-Government Development Index has overall ranking results. Ranked 73 out of 193 countries (moving up from the top 4 in 2016). In the sub-index for the online service under the e-Government Development Index and the e-Participation Index Thailand has been classified as a country with a high level of development. The Global Cybersecurity Index is prepared by ITU. In cyber security Based on the latest ranking in 2017, ranked 22nd out of 193 countries, which is considered very good.

The meeting also assigned the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. By the Office of the Digital Committee for National Economy and Society Providing Government Data Center and Cloud Service (GDCC) according to the operational guidelines and the 3-year continuous budget framework (2020-2022) by allowing state enterprises with authority and readiness Is the operator of the central government cloud, such as TOT Public Company Limited or CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, which will be proposed to the Cabinet for consideration

Deputy prime minister Has reiterated that all relevant agencies accelerate the integration of information delivery to complete the plan To become a digital government according to the government’s policy

Source: Royal Thai Government

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