WHO Commends Thailand for Its Efforts and Experiences in Curbing COVID-19

Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Dr. Tedros Adhanom Grebreyesus commended Thailand’s efforts and experiences in curbing COVID-19 at the World Health Assembly. He also urged “all countries to follow Thailand” on this issue.


Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha on 13 November 2020 delivered a statement at the closure of the resumed session of the 73rd Session of the World Health Assembly, as the only leader of a country to do so and as invited by the WHO Director-General.


Thailand’s success in curbing COVID-19 is the result of actions based on evidence-based decision making, strong health systems, and the cooperation of all sectors in Thai society.


At the same time, Thailand is determined to further develop and improve its capacity to respond to health emergencies, and therefore joined with the WHO to conduct an Intra Action Review (IAR) in order to draw important lessons from Thailand’s COVID-19 response.


The Prime Minister emphasized Thailand’s readiness and solidarity with the international community to fight this pandemic, through building the resilience of health systems and ensuring that treatment and vaccines for COVID-19 are global public goods. All countries and stakeholders must join hands in efforts leading to the achievement of these goals.


The Ministry of Public Health of Thailand reported on 16 November 2020 that the total number of cumulative COVID-19 infections in Thailand was 3,875, with 3,721 recoveries, and 94 are still in hospital. The number of deaths remained unchanged at 60.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department

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