XMaterials (XMAT), A Revolutionary Building Materials Firm, Franchises Its Technology To Construction And Building Materials Businesses Through Q4 2018 ICO

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CAYMAN ISLANDS, Aug. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — XMaterials (XMAT) seeks to scale its AI- and machine learning-powered factory automation process for mixing and setting customizable, environmentally friendly, and enhanced building materials through a securities token offering (STO) that will begin in Q4 2018.XMaterials Grass

What are XMaterials?

XMaterials’ parent company, Intellihouse, developed patent-pending AI- and machine learning-driven technology for geolocating and aggregating building materials, including waste materials; mixing and setting the ingredients on a molecular level into a custom end product, depending on the specifications of the factory; and analyzing the production data to iteratively improve subsequent batches.

The technology and its resultant eco-friendly, faster-setting, and more durable forms of concrete, granite, marble, and ceramics have already generated $2 million in revenue in XMaterials first year of business.

Why is XMaterials running an ICO?

In order to meet the supply and demand gap for its enhanced building materials, XMaterials has decided to decentralize its technology so that other building and construction companies that wish to enhance their products can become XMaterials franchisees. In this manner, XMaterials will aggregate and analyze the production data collected from all of its franchises in order to improve its recipes and processes.XMaterials Art

Additionally, all XMAT token holders will be able to:

  • Purchase the technology stack and franchise rights at a 25% discount
  • Receive at least 15% of all profits derived from the royalties XMaterials receives from franchises

Ultimately, XMaterials aims to disrupt the $600 building materials industry and revolutionize the way our cities, roads, and homes are built.

The Team Behind XMaterials

Led by parent company Intellihouse, the XMaterials team is comprised of some of the best minds in engineering and production line technology in Europe. Chief Executive Officer Svetlin Savov has over 20 years of experience in starting and scaling green construction companies. He is joined by Horst Siewert, Chief Production Technology Officer; Todor Totev, Chief Business Development Officer; Georgi Ivanov, Chief Lab Officer; and Mihail Kamburov, Director of Communications.XMaterials Versatility

To learn more about XMAT, join the Telegram community (https://t.me/XMaterialsGroup), follow them on Twitter @XMaterials, connect with the team on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/company/xmaterials), or email info@xmat.io.

About XMaterials
XMaterials is building the materials of the future. Through a revolutionary AI- and machine learning-powered technology stack, XMaterials is able to gelocationally source building material ingredients depending on user parameters and desired end product outcomes, automate the factory mixing and setting process, and produce new, never-before-seen forms of concrete, ceramics, and granite- and marble-class materials. XMaterials are customizable, set faster, are more durable, and more eco-friendly. On average, these materials are four times stronger than traditional concrete. By decentralizing its production process, XMaterials seeks to scale worldwide through a franchise model.


Mihail Kamburov
Director of Communications

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