Young Smart Farmers in Narathiwat Striving for Food Security

Because of the unrest situation in the deep South, some groups of local people have left their rice fields unattended. As a consequence, they need to buy rice for consumption, instead of growing rice for their own food.

A group of “young smart farmers” at the Ban Laha community in Waeng district, Narathiwat province, has come up with an idea to develop the unattended rice fields into food sources, based on the practice of organic agriculture. Their idea has been supported by community leaders and government officials, who offered a helping hand in building a farming school at the Ban Laha community.

Later, the group of young farmers developed the school as a learning center for local farmers to discuss various problems and ways to ease them. The learning center has adopted the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and the “New Theory” of agriculture to generate employment and income for local residents.

This group of smart farmers has become an inspiration to visitors, who learn about agricultural practices under actual field conditions, such as the cultivation of fruit and vegetables and herbal plants, as well as rice ploughing, harvesting, and milling.

They have set the goal of promoting food security in their area, which will lead to community empowerment and the creation of networks to jointly tackle various problems and get through economic crises together.

The group of young smart farmers at the Ban Laha community has been equipped with knowledge about production, processing, and marketing on a full-cycle basis. With their joint efforts, about 60 families with 200 rai (about 80 acres) of farmland in this community have turned to organic farming and lived with nature without destruction. They also have food for consumption all year round.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department

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