Bangkok Authorities Crack Down on E-Cigarettes

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has launched a major operation targeting electronic cigarette vendors in three key areas of the city

This crackdown, which seized more than ten thousand items valued at over a million baht, was conducted on Thursday night by officials from BMA and the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) along with Ms. Puangpet Chunla-iad, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office.

The operation targeted e-cigarette vendors in the Khlong Thom Market, Nuan Chan, and Senanikom neighborhoods. This came after it was discovered that vendors were illegally selling e-cigarettes, with undercover agents luring sellers both in stores and stalls.

Upon inspection, authorities found a large quantity of e-cigarettes and e-liquids from various countries, totaling over ten thousand items with a value exceeding a million baht. Additionally, they discovered sales records indicating daily revenues of nearly one hundred thousand baht for some vendors.

Ms. Puangpet said that the operation was
prompted by complaints from the public regarding minors using e-cigarettes both inside and outside of schools. Moreover, numerous stores were found openly selling e-cigarettes to adolescents, both in physical stores and online.

Dr. Chayanan Sitthibutr, head of the Tobacco Product Control Division at the Department of Disease Control, expressed concern over the alarming trend of third-grade students in Sakhon Nakhon province using e-cigarettes. These products are easily accessible, both in physical stores and online, with prices as low as a hundred baht.

Furthermore, there has been a concerning trend of developing cartoon-shaped products to attract the interest of schoolchildren, leading to a progressively younger age group wanting to use these products, which is deeply concerning

Source: Thai News Agency

Consumer Protection Committee inspects OR-Bangchak fuel meters

Gen. Wasan” Senate Consumer Protection Committee is concerned about consumers. Inspecting a gas station after something went viral online about not filling up a full liter of gas. Emphasize that the volume of oil added is in accordance with the standard.

Gen. Wasan Suriyamongkol, Commissioner and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection in the Senate Committee on Human Rights, Freedoms and Consumer Protection, together with the Department of Internal Trade. Ministry of Commerce Department of Energy Business Ministry of Energy Check the volume of fuel from the dispenser and dispenser according to the standards of fuel weights and measures at PTT Gas Station, PTT Oil and Retail Business Co., Ltd., Head Office Branch. and Bangchak gas station, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, Vibhavadi Rangsit Branch As well as exchanging opinions on principles and standards for fuel distribution. of fuel service stations To build confidence among the people From the case of concern about not filling a f
ull liter of gas. that had gone viral online before Even though there has been an investigation and confirmation from the Department of Internal Trade that The said service station does not violate the law. Because the oil volume is missing 25-30 milliliters, still not more than 50 milliliters, which is an expected deviation according to the standards of the World Bureau of Weights and Measures.

Gen. Wasan said that from measuring and inspecting the volume of fuel from the dispensers and fuel dispensers at both service stations today, it was found that The volume of oil exceeds the standard values ??of weights and measures as specified by law. which is considered a good thing The executives of both companies confirmed that they are making efforts to improve their services. and strictly control the amount of fuel within the limits set by law. Consumers can therefore be confident that the amount of fuel added will definitely meet the standards. Because the fuel volume gauge (meter) at gas stations must pass in
spection. Tested and certified before activation. There will be a certification stamp (seal) issued by the Office of Weights and Measures. Service stations cannot adjust, alter, modify, or cut the certification stamp (seal) on the gauge or adjust the amount of fuel dispensed.

However, if the public has questions or finds that any service station uses an incorrect meter. You can notify the relevant officials to go check it out. If any wrongdoing is found Fuel was paid incorrectly, exceeding the legal rate. or in the case of using a fuel dispenser whose certification mark has expired There is a penalty of imprisonment not exceeding 6 months, a fine not exceeding 20,000 baht, or both. and in the case of modifying the dispenser head to cause discrepancies There is a prison sentence not exceeding 7 years and a fine not exceeding 280,000 baht. -517-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

TAT Accelerates Elevating Thailand to Global Muslim Tourism Index Standard

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) drives the Muslim tourism market to elevate Thailand to the standard of the Global Muslim Tourism Index (GMTI) on par with the global level and promotes Muslim tourists to travel to Thailand during the Ramadan season.

Imam Mathanarat Vacharapisut, the representative of the Haroon Mosque and the Islamic Committee of Bangkok, met with Ms. Thapanee Kiatphaibool, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand to discuss the cultural tourism promotion strategy for Muslim tourism.

This strategy includes showcasing beautiful architectural mosques as new tourist attractions (Mosque Tour) in Bangkok, with Haroon Mosque and others among the 10 highlighted mosques as leading destinations, aiming to standardize Muslim Friendly Tourism (MFT) and Muslim Friendly Tourism and Hospitality (MFTH) services to elevate Thailand to the standard of the Global Muslim Tourism Index (GMTI) and encourage Muslim tourists to travel to Thailand during the Ramadan season.

Furthermore, Mosque Tour wil
l commence its promotion during the ITB Berlin 2024 tourism promotion event in Berlin, Germany, from March 5 to 7, and TAT will present this route during the Post Tour of the Thailand Travel Mart (TTM+ 2024) event, scheduled to take place from June 5to 7, in Phang-nga province. -819 (TNA

Source: Thai News Agency

The Police Hospital has not yet received coordination with Thaksin from the hospital.

The Police Hospital reveals that it has not received coordination from the Department of Corrections on when Thaksin will be taken out of the hospital. Initially, the medical team has prepared to report the symptoms to the Department of Corrections according to the procedures.

Progress on the suspension of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister. Hospital bed on the 14th floor of Maha Bhumibol Adulyadej Building, 88th Anniversary, most recently Police Hospital. There has not yet been coordination from the Department of Corrections that they will come to pick up Mr. Thaksin. What time do you leave the hospital? The steps are still as before. That is, there must be a correctional officer to notify the hospital only. Relatives or the person cannot travel out on their own. The police hospital will then issue a medical certificate. Whether or not he will return for treatment here depends on the Department of Corrections.

From the survey of the news team, it was found that Maha Bhumibol Adulyadej 88th Anni
versary Building, where Thaksin is receiving treatment, can be entered and exited in two ways: the 2nd floor will be a patient drop-off point. An ambulance can pick you up at the entrance to the building. It will be a point of regular use. Whether the patient is seriously ill Elderly wheelchair or a patient who comes by taxi Will enter and exit at this door. The other way is the exit to the underground parking spaces 1A, 2B and 2A for relatives who park their cars. which if a patient sits in a wheelchair or use a hospital bed Won’t come out this way. You must use the 2nd floor exit only.

It was reported that Mr. Thaksin’s transport would be taken via the normal route for general patients on the second floor, with a car stopping to pick him up, not using an ambulance to pick him up in the basement.

As for the exit route to the Police Hospital, there are currently 4 doors (according to the hospital map). Generally, ambulances that receive patients from the Maha Bhumibol Adulyadej 88th Anniversary Building wil
l use Gate 1 on Henri Dunant Road. or the door of the Institute of Forensic Medicine Because it is a direct route You can exit the road immediately. Gates 2 and 3 are the gates that exit onto Rama 1 Road, which are narrow roads, as is Gate 4 that exits Ratchadamri Road. must take a shortcut and there is a construction area As a result, ambulances that come to this building often choose to exit through Gate 1 instead. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Arrest of Aunt Mahabhai for pawning fake land title deeds Found many arrest warrants.

Nakhon Ratchasima, Police from the Crime Suppression Division arrested Aunt Mahapai. Fraudulently pawning fake land titles throughout the northeastern region Found many arrest warrants.

Ms. Somsao, 62 years old, the accused under an arrest warrant at Roi Et Provincial Court on charges of “document offenses, fraud, compensation” was arrested by the Crime Suppression Division police. Arrested at a service station in Prathai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province.

This arrest was made in the beginning of February. A group of victims asked for help to the Crime Suppression Division. Please help track down and arrest Miss Somsao. After forging a land title document and pawning it with a group of victims throughout the northeastern region, causing a lot of suffering.

From around 2020 until the present, Ms. Somsao and her friends brought fake land title deed documents to pawn with the victims. Invite people with money to invest in buying a house/land. jointly owned Using one plot of land to sell to many people, but
none of the victims received any land.

The officials then joined together to investigate. By using the Big Data database of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) to search for personal information. Before this suspect was found, there were as many as 7 arrest warrants against him, which involved repeated forgery and fraud. Until it was learned that after patrolling and causing the incident, he would escape to Prathai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. In the end, he did not escape and was arrested.

Initially, the accused confessed to all the charges. Before being taken to make a record at the Prathay Highway Service Unit, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, along with being taken to the Roi Et Provincial Court. to proceed with legal proceedings.

Source: Thai News Agency

Measures: Bangkok asks for cooperation with WFH on the first day

Bangkok, The first day of the Work From Home measure in Bangkok, asking for public-private sector cooperation. To reduce the risk of people encountering PM 2.5 dust, it was found that many companies still came out to work as usual. In many areas, traffic is still congested. And many people just found out about this announcement.

Source: Thai News Agency

Bangkok rushes to distribute masks to protect against PM2.5 during high dust levels.

Bangkok, Permanent Secretary of Bangkok orders the Health Department Accelerate the operation of issuing OPD units and distribute PM2.5 protective masks to the public during periods of high dust levels.

Mr. Ekwaranyu Amrapal, Assistant Secretary to the Governor of Bangkok and spokesman for Bangkok Revealed that due to the situation over the past 2-3 days, Bangkok has higher PM2.5 dust due to weak ventilation. In addition, the air near the surface is closed. This results in dust concentration tending to remain stable or increase.

Permanent Secretary of Bangkok Therefore, a letter was issued to the agencies under the Health Department. Bangkok Do the following: 1. All 69 Public Health Service Centers (Public Health Service Centers) issue service units in the community. and open to treating patients (Out-Patient-Department: OPD) for patients to receive treatment. without having to stay in the hospital for treatment Ready to distribute masks to prevent PM2.5. 2. To the division office that has mobile units to p
repare masks for service recipients. 3. To the Environmental Sanitation Office. Follow up and report on the results of distributing masks to prevent PM2.5 at public health service centers, communities, and places with a lot of traffic such as BTS stations, bus stations, etc.

During February 16-23, 2024, ventilation will be quite good. The air near the surface tends to switch on and off. As a result, dust values ??tend to decrease. However, during periods of high dust situations People should check dust levels before leaving their homes through the AirBKK application or various channels in Bangkok. Avoid outdoor activities If it is necessary to leave the house or do outdoor activities, wear a mask to protect against PM2.5. And if severe symptoms such as chest tightness and difficulty breathing should be seen immediately by a doctor.

Source: Thai News Agency

PTT’s profit in 2023 reached 112 billion baht, an increase of 22.86%.

Bangkok, PTT’s 2023 profits reach 112 billion baht, an increase of 22.86% from increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and continuing investment. enhance national security Bringing more than 78 billion baht to the government

Mr. Atthaphon Rerkpiboon, Chief Executive Officer and President of PTT Public Company Limited, revealed the operating results of PTT and its subsidiaries in 2023 with a net profit of 112,024 million baht, an increase of 22.86% or equivalent to 3.6. % of sales higher than 2022, which is a result of PTT Group’s cooperation in increasing production process efficiency. and reduce operating costs

They were able to reduce expenses by more than 13,000 million baht. In addition, in 2023, the PTT Group had decreased losses from derivative instruments to hedge against commodity price risks. and increased profits from exchange rates following the strengthening of the baht in 2023, although operating profits before depreciation and amortization Financial costs and income tax (EBITDA) of PTT Group de
creased, mainly from the petrochemical and refining business groups. with gross profit from refining (Market GRM) decreasing from 2022. In addition, in 2023, the PTT Group has increased oil stock losses. following the direction of falling oil prices In addition, the operating results of the petroleum exploration and production business decreased from a decrease in average selling price and average sales volume. In addition, other business groups had decreased operating results. The majority of the profits come from investments made by companies in the PTT Group, which is a business that competes freely both domestically and abroad. Divided by business type as Petroleum exploration and production business 45%, petrochemical and refining business 9%, new business and infrastructure and other subsidiaries 17%, which had increased operating results from the future energy business and new businesses from Avaada Energy Private Limited (Avaada), which invested in a solar power plant project in India, and from Lotus
Pharmaceutical Company. Company Limited (Lotus) which operates the business of producing and distributing generic drugs. in Taiwan and the oil and retail business group, 7%, which consists of the oil business and non-oil businesses such as coffee and convenience stores. with profit per revenue of only 1%, while profit from PTT’s natural gas business and international trade business was only 22%

The PTT Board of Directors has resolved to pay dividends for the 2023 operating results at the rate of 2.00 baht per share. The interim dividend has already been paid at the rate of 0.80 baht per share in September 2023. There is still remaining dividend to be paid at the rate per share. 1.20 baht, which the Ministry of Finance, as a major shareholder, and the Vayupak Fund receive dividends totaling approximately 36 billion baht, and when combined with corporate income tax of PTT and its subsidiaries, another approximately 42 billion baht, including the PTT Group, leads Revenue from business operations in 2023 has bee
n sent to the state of approximately 78 billion baht.

In the past year 2023, PTT participated in creating energy stability. Power point for improving quality of life Driving the economy to grow together sustainably Through the development of future energy businesses and new businesses that go beyond energy. In terms of future energy, there is an expansion of the hydrogen fuel station in Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province, to support delivery trucks and tractor-trailers. Established NV Gotion factory to produce battery packs together with KYMCO Group to establish Aionex to sell electric motorcycles. Increase the installation of EV Charging Stations under the on-ion brand to cover the entire country. In a new business area that goes beyond energy, NRPT launches Plant and Bean Thailand, a contract factory for producing 100% plant protein that meets world-class food safety standards, BRCGS Plant-based, the first and largest in the Asia Pacific region. Innobic Nutrition launches food products. Supplement for
good health of Thai people For the logistics business Opening rail freight transport on the Thailand-Laos-China route, linking the transport systems of Thailand and the ASEAN region. and prepare an investment budget for the year 2024 – 2028 in the amount of 89,203 million baht, aiming to push the country’s economy forward.

In terms of society, community and environment, PTT has planted a total of 86,173 rai of forests in 25 provinces, stimulating the local economy. Strengthen the community Through the Creating Smiles Innovation Project, which has brought PTT Group’s knowledge and innovations to be transferred to agricultural communities in 45 areas in 29 provinces nationwide. By increasing community income by more than 31.59 million baht and the project to strengthen social enterprises that can increase income for communities participating in the project by more than 5.75 million baht.

In the past, PTT has joined in relieving the suffering of the people to overcome the crisis period. Through operations such
as the One Breath and Breath for Children projects Oil reserves of 4 million barrels, NGV price fixing, LPG price assistance for hawkers and low-income earners through state welfare cards. Supporting money into the oil fund Extending credit terms to EGAT, etc., representing a total assistance value from 2020 – 2023 of more than 31,060 million baht.

Source: Thai News Agency

Raid and arrest a laughing gas shop Found a lot of stuff.

Chiang Mai, Sondhi is inspecting service establishments in the Loi Kroh Road area. In the middle of Chiang Mai city Arrest of illegal shop selling laughing gas A large amount of seized items were seized.

Provincial Police Region 5 along with hundreds of officers from various departments Bring in forces to inspect service locations. Loi Kroh Road area In the middle of Chiang Mai city After investigating, it was found that It is illegally sold. laughing gas balloons for foreign tourists While checking There are foreign tourists. access to many services Results of inspection of 6 service establishments found nitrous oxide gas. or 1,706 unused laughing gas tubes, 4,847 used tubes, 1,046 balloons, and 28 compressors were confiscated. and send all involved persons to be prosecuted at Muang Chiang Mai Police Station.

For the punishment of producers or sellers for consumption. There will be an offense under the Drug Act of 1967 for producing or selling modern medicine without permission. Imprisonment not exceeding
5 years and a fine not exceeding 10,000 baht.

Source: Thai News Agency

Bangkok Ranks among Top 10 Most Polluted Cities

BANGKOK, The haze situation remains concerning as Bangkok ranks among the top 10 major cities globally with the worst pollution.

Across the country, air pollution exceeds standards in 56 provinces.

According to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s air quality data, as of 7:00 am today (February 15), the PM2.5 level ranged from 53.3 to 87.5 micrograms per cubic meter, with an average of 69.1 micrograms per cubic meter, showing a decreasing trend compared to the same period yesterday.

However, it still exceeds the safety threshold in 65 areas. The PM 2.5 levels are marked in red, indicating hazardous levels affecting health in 13 areas and beginning to impact health 52 areas.

The five areas with the highest PM2.5 levels are: Thawi Watthana District (87.5), Prawet District (80.2), Bang Rak District (79.7), Taling Chan District (79.2), and Bangkok Noi District (79.0) micrograms per cubic meter. .

According to IQAIR’s rankings, Bangkok also ranks among the top 10 major cities globally with the highest po
llution levels. At certain times, it even climbed to 9th place. At 11:00 am, the air quality index (AQI) stood at 156 according to US standards, with PM2.5 concentration at 67.7 micrograms per cubic meter, marked as red, impacting everyone, and 13.5 times higher than the annual average guideline set by the World Health Organization.

Regarding nationwide pollution, the Air Pollution Solution Communication Center reported that as of 7:00 am, PM2.5 levels exceeded standards in 56 provinces, spanning all regions except the South. The Northern region recorded levels between 19.1 and 89.2 micrograms per cubic meter, the Northeastern region between 28.3 and 74.4, the Central and Western regions between 47.0 and 105.0, and the Eastern region between 48.3 and 84.8. However, the Southern region’s overall levels remained within good standards, ranging between 14.0 and 25.9.

In terms of monitoring systems, the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA), along with various agencies, reported the to
p 10 provinces with the highest PM2.5 levels as of 10:00 am, including Samut Songkhram, Ratchaburi, Saraburi , Sing Buri, Lopburi, Kanchanaburi, Ang Thong, Chai Nat, Nakhon Pathom, and Phrae.

Source: Thai News Agency