Venice Film Festival: The Web Series Artitude Created by Pomilio Blumm Receives an Award for Promoting the Made in Italy Brand

Lorenzo Balbi at the Venice Film Festival

The Social World Film Festival jury’s special plaque for the project created by Pomilio Blumm was received by Lorenzo Balbi, director of MAMbo (Museum of Modern Art in Bologna), artistic director of ArtCity as well as a narrator in the various episodes of the series.

VENICE, Italy, Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The prize awarded to the web series Artitude was presented in Venice as part of the Film Festival. The Social World Film Festival jury’s special plaque for the project created by Pomilio Blumm was received by Lorenzo Balbi, director of MAMbo (Museum of Modern Art in Bologna), artistic director of ArtCity as well as a narrator in the various episodes of the series. Artitude was created by Pomilio Blumm as part of Italy is simply extraordinary: beIT–  the campaign aimed at promoting Italian-made products launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in collaboration with ICE – Agency for the promotion abroad and internationalisation of Italian companies. As Lorenzo Balbi himself explained: “The campaign explored Made in Italy and did it through different languages, those of art, creativity, the languages of knowledge. A way of talking about Italy through artists, creatives, visionaries.”

The project was also awarded during the WMF 2022 – the largest Digital Innovation Festival in Rimini, where it won the Best International Content & Digital Campaign– an acknowledgement received for the innovation of the narrative and strategic structure adopted with respect to the objective of the Nation branding and promotion of Made in Italy.

From the outset, the campaign curated by Pomilio Blumm set for itself ambitious goals: to tell the international public about the values of Italy and its talents, to support the internationalisation of the production system, and finally to expand and diversify the foreign markets of reference for small and medium-sized Italian companies. The campaign began by telling the Made in Italy story through six very specific values: creativity, passion, tradition, innovation, style and diversity. Personalities of the stature of Giorgio Armani, Mira Sorvino, Peter Gabriel, Marcell Jacobs, Sebastião Salgado, Renzo Rosso and many others have offered their testimonials in support of this project– all of them can be found on the Nation Branding Flagship

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Mecobit Mining Rigs Announces the Biggest Hash-Rate in the Market

LONDON, Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MECO Limited (Mecobit), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar modules and complete solutions, recently launched new products Solar Unit M4000, Solar Panel Kit (complete), Portable Power Station, M100 Miner, M200 Miner, Meco Rack, which has attracted wide attention in the industry. The result of five years of research, development and testing, this new technology platform enables the production of frameless, thin, lightweight and adaptable solar panels with the performance of comparable standard solar panels.

“We are very excited to bring revolutionary innovation to the field of solar energy,” said Ben Lukas (Chief Marketing Officer). “In addition to the new development work and modules from design and material, this new technology platform has fundamentally helped us with the unique solar-electric technology. Mecobit The Solar System has a unique ability to pass through the shadow, continuing to produce energy in conditions that will shut down other panels.”

Compared to previous innovations, charging speed, battery life, security guarantees and user experience have improved. Mecobit M4000 Solar Unit and Solar Panel Kit is compatible with many devices, tools, equipment, home and electronic industries such as cryptocurrency miners, providing security, long backup and other areas of power. Mecobit Solar Systems Long Life Battery: M4000 Solar Unit, Solar Panel Kit (complete), Portable Power Station passes standard tests such as short circuit, overload, extrusion, acupuncture, etc.

And as governments agree to reduce levels of carbon emissions and introduce additional incentives like investment tax credits, it’s possible that the share of mining operations using solar power will increase even more. Solar power may be considered green and renewable, but there are also significant problems with solar, including the limits of sunlight hours.

Shipping costs

As a consequence of this, Mecobit will pay for both shipping and import tariffs, enabling customers to acquire everything they require to get started with no further costs beyond the cost of the device itself.

About Mecobit

Established in 2015 with the goal of developing and marketing the world’s solar powered cryptocurrency miners, which can use either Ethash, SHA-256 or Scrypt technology depending on the miner’s preference. The company asserts that it was the very first solar powered cryptocurrency mining enterprise in the world. “We wanted to revolutionize the industry with the solar panels by providing more power at a more affordable price than was previously thought to be possible,” B. Franci (Founder).

Mecobit is headquartered in Chiswick High Road, London, England, and has offices in several other cities across the world, including the United States. The company’s website,, provides additional information on the company and its products.

Ben Lukas

Neeyamo’s Global Screening Services is Now ScreenXchange – an Independent Business Unit Poised for Tremendous Growth

ScreenXchange provides a superior screening experience courtesy of its peerless delivery model.

LOS GATOS, Calif., Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Success in a rapidly evolving borderless business environment requires bleeding-edge employee screening to ensure you have the right talent with validated credentials that mitigates organizations from potential risks. Neeyamo is elated to announce the launch of ScreenXchange, a rebranded independent global offering for background screening that supports client requirements in over 190+ countries.

ScreenXchange provides a superior screening experience courtesy of its peerless delivery model. Its tech-driven solution hosts its native screening solution suite that covers 27 background checks and includes a multi-sided marketplace of vetted global screening partners that can collectively provide its clients with cross-border screening options.

Comprehensive compliance is at the heart of our unmatched service delivery that caters to various employment screening needs across all industries. Our integration-ready platform connects to major applicant tracking system (ATS) providers, ensures seamless data flow, eliminates silos, and accelerates the hiring cycle.

ScreenXchange will leverage over a decade of the organization’s experience in the background screening industry, which began in 2010 by introducing a single platform that linked all key stakeholders providing faster turnaround and increased accuracy.

With a built-in quality control mechanism, superior applicant experience, and a proprietary global platform, it aims to create a smarter, more straightforward, seamless screening process that addresses the needs of all parties in the marketplace.

Speaking on the sidelines of the global unveiling at PBSA 2022, Rangarajan Seshadri, CEO of Neeyamo, said, “As a technology-first background screening platform, ScreenXchange aims to weaponize data analysis. By leveraging AI and machine learning, risk and threat analysis can be done more quicker, resulting in reduced TAT. End-to-end automation harmonizes data collection and provides enhanced data security. Our commitment to reducing manual intervention and proclivity for innovative solutions to create a smarter screening process remains unwavering.”

About ScreenXchange

ScreenXchange is a leading background screening provider for organizations of all sizes. Our technology-first solution caters to a wide range of employment screening needs in 190+ countries. With compliance at its nerve center, it is designed to accelerate your hiring cycle, optimize your screening process, and promote quality hires. To know more, visit

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MOL Organizes “One Blood Donors for Many Recipients, with Love and Unity, to Improve Workers’ Quality of Life”

On 9 September 2022, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour and President of the Ministry of Labour’s Housewives Association Ms. Bubpha Rueangsud and Mrs. Sopa Kieatnircha, and Mrs. Darunee Nithithaweekul, the Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-Generals as Vice Presidents of the association, and the association’s committee, to visit and encourage blood donors. The Ministry of Labour, together with its Housewives Association and the National Blood Center, Thai Red Cross Society, joined in organizing blood donation activity, under the name of “One Blood Donors for Many Recipients, with Love and Unity, to Improve Workers’ Quality of Life.” The event encourages blood donors to donate blood regularly every three months and to provide enough blood supply for patients nationwide. The occasion took place at the Ministry of Labour’s meeting room, 5th floor, Ministry of Labour.


Source: Ministry of Labour

FAO and partners push forward with increased South-South cooperation in Asia and the Pacific

Bangkok — Momentum is growing for increased South-South cooperation to meet and overcome the challenges of poverty and food insecurity in the Asia-Pacific region, experts from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) said here today on the sidelines of a three-day multi partner EXPO on South-South and Triangular Cooperation.


In collaboration with FAO and other United Nations agencies and partners, the eleventh annual Global South-South Development Expo (GSSD Expo) 2022 is taking place from 12 to 14 September, co-hosted by the Government of Thailand and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) to showcase evidence-based successful development solutions and initiatives.


FAO is co-leading two thematic solution forums during the event. FAO and two other Rome-based Agencies, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), and the World Food Programme (WFP) are jointly organizing a Thematic Solution Forum on “unlocking the potential of National Home-Grown School Meals Programme (HGSF) to transform local food systems” and to support COVID-19 pandemic recovery through South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC).


School meal programmes: a South-South success story


Home-Grown School Feeding in Asia and the Pacific is viewed as an effective means to reach the more vulnerable people living in hunger and offers a strategic pathway towards food systems transformation. The programme can strengthen local value chains for the global food crisis response and generate long-term multi-sectoral benefits in education, health and livelihoods for children and communities.


Yet, while many countries have achieved significant progress in implementing the school meals programme, a number of them still face challenges, one in particular is connecting smallholder farmers to the programmes.


“The agrifood sector — and its smallholder farmers, fishers and herders — remains a key source of food, income and employment, for millions of people in Asia and the Pacific. But we need to transform our agrifood systems in order to ensure food and livelihood security and a sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and the other challenges that face us all in the Global South,” said Anping Ye, Director of FAO’s South-South and Triangular Cooperation Division. “For this reason, FAO recognizes the importance of engaging with the private sector and other non-state actors, to promote the spread and uptake of new technologies and innovations in the global south and to strengthen market-related measures, including policies, to support these efforts.”


Conservation Agriculture — a signature FAO system


During the EXPO, FAO and the Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization (CSAM) will organize a forum ‘to promote knowledge sharing on Conservation Agriculture (CA) policies, practices and solutions amongst partners’, on 13 September. CA is well-known as a successful farming system for crop intensification while preserving and enhancing the resource base and the environment. However, the inadequate availability of appropriate machinery and equipment is one the critical constraints for promoting CA. Concentrated efforts must be made to strengthen these systems and to enhance their resilience and capacity to become more self-reliant in the long term.


South-South Cooperation key to upscaling and sharing expertise to meet the 2030 Agenda


FAO along with multilateral development partners focuses on South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) as a complementary modality to bridge the technological gap in support of sustainable development and eradication of poverty and hunger in the world, including the Asia- Pacific region. FAO has been promoting SSCT in its latest Plan of Action for 2022-25.


The GSSD Expo will enable dialogue between governments, development agencies, international organizations, regional entities, and other key stakeholders to build partnerships and scale-up solutions to strengthen sustainable agrifood systems transformation across the Global South.


SSTC can play a pivotal role in accelerating progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This cooperation between and among countries of the Global South can act as a key delivery modality to catalyze agricultural development, food and nutrition security, rural development, and poverty reduction for the attainment of FAO’s four betters- Better Production, Better Nutrition, Better Environment and Better Life — leaving no one behind.


Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Labour Minister Discusses Thai Fruit Pickers and Expanding the Thai Labour Market Abroad with the Thai Ambassador to Sweden

Mr. Suchart Chomklin, Mr. Surachai Chaitrakulthong, Police Major General Nantachat Supamongkol, Mrs. Thienrat Navamawat, Mr. Wannarat Srisuksai, Mr. Pairoj Chotiksetian, and committee, paid a courtesy call to Mrs. Kanchana Patarachoke, the Thai Ambassador to Stockholm, Sweden. The visit was on the occasion of a visit to Sweden to discuss and listen to information about the workers’ wellbeing, including problems, obstacles, and suggestions for Thai workers in Sweden. The occasion took place at the Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm. They discussed the issue of pushing for Thai workers in Sweden to be protected by legal benefits and welfare and discussed the trend of demand for foreign workers to work in Sweden or Scandinavia to increase the opportunity to drive more Thai workers to work in Sweden and expand the Thai labour market in Sweden.

Mr. Suchart thanked the Thai Ambassador to Stockholm for taking good care of Thai workers who traveled to Sweden to work as seasonal fruit pickets and for supervising the Thai workers each season to be protected by law, have a hygienic living conditions, and have access to health care system in case of illness or accidents while working in Sweden.

Mr. Suchart continued that over 7,000 Thai workers traveled to Sweden in 2021 to work as fruit pickers. The workers traveled through arrangements by employers in Thailand. The Thai workers received work visas and an employment contract that guarantees the minimum monthly income as the Swedish local labour union prescribes. Thai workers who work as wild fruit pickers earn an average income of a hundred thousand Baht per person after deducting expenses. The workers travel to work when it is the off-season for agricultural harvesting in Thailand. They work for a period not exceeding 90 days. The Thai workers traveling to collect wild fruits have built a reputation and are recognized for their ability and expertise in collecting wild fruits. As a result, Thai workers are highly sought after by the companies that buy wild fruits.

Mrs. Kanchana Patarachoke, the Thai Ambassador to Stockholm, Sweden, said that there are almost 80,000 Thai people in Sweden. Wild fruit pickers represent over 90 percent of Thai workers in Sweden. For these workers, Swedish employers have guaranteed a minimum monthly income for Thai workers as required by the Swedish local labour union, which is about a hundred thousand Baht per person. Sweden has a strong union that benefits Thai workers, ensuring they are well cared for by their employers. Sweden still faces a shortage of workers, especially caregivers for the elderly, nursing assistants, and IT talent, because they are entering an aging society like other countries. There are also more than 1,000 Thai massage shops and Thai restaurants in Sweden that require workers. The discussion today was a good opportunity for the Ministry of Labour to expand the labour market for skilled Thai people to have the opportunity to work in other fields besides picking wild fruit in Sweden.


Source: Ministry of Labour

Thailand’s efficacy tests on Favipiravir cannot be compared with those done in the Americas – Medical Services Department

Efficacy tests on the Favipiravir anti-viral drug in the treatment of COVID-19 patients conducted in Thailand cannot be compared with the tests undertaken in the Americas, because of the different methodology used in the tests, according to Dr. Somsak Akksilp, director-general of Thailand’s Medical Services Department.


Dr. Somsak’s statement was in response to a recent claim, referring to efficacy tests conducted in the US, Mexico and Brazil, that Favipiravir is not effective in treating COVID-19.


He said that the efficacy tests in the Americas were on 1,187 samples, 70% which were from obese people and 15% from the elderly.


Almost all of them were given Favipiravir three days after they developed symptoms and the dosage used was not adjusted in line with the patients’ weight. A third of them hadreceived COVID-19 vaccines or had been infected before, said Dr Somsak, adding that the assessment of the efficacy tests were based on telephone interviews with the patients about their condition, without proper review by medical personnel.


In the case of Thailand, however, he said that tests were conducted on 93 COVID-19 patients in three hospitals, with every one of them being under 60 and without underlying conditions. 25% of them were obese and half were administered with Favipiravir on the first day that they developed symptoms. None of them were vaccinated or had been infected before.


Dr. Somsak said that the tests show that half of them had recovered faster, compared with a controlled group. Recovery was within two days of receiving the anti-viral medicine,compared to 14 days among the control group.


The tests on both groups show, however, that Favipiravir did not help reduce virus load, nor did it help the virus to disappear faster, said Dr. Somsak, adding that it was found that the drug is safe, although the level of uric acid in the blood increased.


He noted that the tests in the Americas show that delayed administration of Favipiravir in high risk patients, who have serious symptoms or who are overweight without adjusting the dosage given in line with weight, may not be effective. Assessment by asking the patients about how they feel may not provide the accurate information either, he added.


Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service

Ratsadon protest leader “Penguin” and three others get suspended jail terms

Pro-democracy Ratsadon protest leader Parit Chiwarak, aka “Penguin”, and three other protesters were given two-month prison terms today (Monday), suspended for one year, by the Don Mueang District Court over their protest in front of Bang Khen police station on August 7th, 2020.


The court also imposed a fine of 11,300 baht on each of the four protesters after finding them guilty of illegal assembly in a public venue, violation of Communicable Diseases Act, illegal use of loudspeakers and violation of traffic laws.


Three other protesters were fined 3,000 baht each for their involvement in a protest to offer moral support to two other Ratsadon leaders, Arnon Nampa and Panupong Jadnok, who were then held in police custody at the time for their roles in the “Youth Liberation” protest.


The other protesters on trial were Suwanna Tanlek, Sugreeya Wannayuwat and Sirapob Phumphengphut.


Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service

Truth and justice: A conversation with the families of Flight PS752 victims


1:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, September 14, 2022

1030 15th Street, NW, 12th Floor
Washington, DC 20005

Registration and virtual attendance available via the link below:

The Association of Families of Flight PS752 Victims (the Association) will be participating in a discussion hosted by the Atlantic Council’s Strategic Litigation Project about the lasting impact of the downing of Flight PS752 and legal options for accountability.

The conversation will feature several representatives of the Association and legal experts to discuss the path toward redress for the victims and their families. This marks the first time family members of the victims will be gathered in-person in Washington, D.C. to make their demands heard.

This discussion will be held both in-person and via Zoom. The event is open to press and on-the-record.

Who: Representatives from the Association will include:

  • Amirali Alavi – Director & Chair, Legal Committee
  • Kourosh Doustshenas – Director & Chair, Government and Stakeholder Relations Committee
  • Navaz Ebrahim – Director & Chair, Public Relations Committee
  • Dr. Hamed Esmaeilion – President & Spokesperson
  • Javad Soleimani – Chair, Fact-Finding Committee
  • Ashkan Davoudpour – Member, Fact-finding Committee
  • Alborz Sadeghi – Member, Legal Committee

Legal experts will include:

  • Haydee Dijkstal – Barrister, 33 Bedford Row
  • Gissou Nia – Director, Strategic Litigation Project, Atlantic Council

Moderated by:

  • Joyce Karam – Senior Correspondent, The National

For more information contact:

Oliveah Numan

Gissou Nia

Algernon Pharmaceuticals Receives Approval for Groundbreaking Phase 1 DMT Human Stroke Study

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. (the “Company” or “Algernon”) (CSE: AGN) (FRANKFURT: AGW0) (OTCQB: AGNPF) a clinical stage pharmaceutical development company is pleased to announce that it has received approval to conduct a Phase 1 clinical study of an intravenous formulation (“IVF”) of AP-188 (“N,N-dimethyl tryptamine” or “DMT”) for the treatment of stroke in the Netherlands from the Stichting Beoordeling Ethiek Biomedisch Onderzoek (“BEBO”), an independent Medical Research Ethics Committee (“MREC”). The trial will be conducted at the Centre for Human Drug Research (“CHDR”) in Leiden. DMT is a known psychedelic compound that is part of the tryptamine family.

The Company plans to begin screening shortly and dose the first subject of the study in Q4, 2022.

The Company’s decision to investigate DMT and move it into human trials for ischemic stroke is based on multiple independent, positive preclinical studies demonstrating that DMT helps mitigate tissue damage and promote neurogenesis as well as structural and functional neural plasticity. These are key factors involved in the brain’s ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections, which are needed for healing following a brain injury. The Company also confirmed in its own murine cortical neuron outgrowth preclinical study, that DMT, in sub-psychedelic doses, increased the growth of cortical neurons by up to 40% compared to control.

Since there have already been several Phase 1 studies successfully conducted on DMT, the Company is not anticipating any serious adverse events or safety issues arising from its study. The reason that the Company is planning to conduct a Phase 1 study and not directly advance DMT into a Phase 2 study is that it is investigating prolonged intravenous infusion of DMT, for durations which have never been clinically studied. The resulting data generated will help the Company to plan both its Phase 2 acute stroke and rehabilitation studies more effectively.

“I was drawn to DMT’s endogenous nature and possible role in naturally occurring altered states of consciousness such as dreams and psychosis, as well as being a prototype for other psychedelic drugs in common use,” said Algernon consultant Rick Strassman MD, psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist, and author of the best-selling book DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Strassman’s NIH-funded Phase 1 study of DMT, which ran from 1990-1995 at the University of New Mexico, was the first new American clinical research with psychedelic drugs in a generation. The study assessed biological and psychological effects in normal volunteers and demonstrated that studies of psychedelics could be done safely in humans. He continued “Our careful assessment of psychedelic and non-psychedelic doses of DMT established guidelines for studies utilizing its neuroplastogenic effects in stroke, an application I would not have predicted at the time. These more recent findings of DMT’s effects have opened an extraordinarily promising set of potential therapeutic applications for Algernon to explore.”

Dr. David Nutt, Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London, also an Algernon consultant, said, “I am pleased to see Algernon moving forward with the CHDR, with whom I have worked in the past and respect greatly,” said. “Although the study is in healthy volunteers, the protocol includes study of some markers which may give some early clues about potential benefits in stroke victims.”

Christopher J. Moreau CEO of Algernon Pharmaceuticals further commented saying, “We look forward to getting our DMT clinical stroke program started with our Phase 1 study at CHDR in the Netherlands,” said. “This study will provide important information on dosage and duration of our new DMT IVF formula to help us better plan for our Phase 2 where we plan to test the drug with both acute and recovering stroke patients.”

Phase 1 DMT Stroke Study Summary

The purpose of the study is to identify the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of DMT when administered as an intravenous bolus followed by prolonged infusion, for durations which have never been studied clinically. In addition, several pharmacodynamic measures believed to be associated with neuroplasticity, including both measurements of biochemical markers and electroencephalographic readings, will be recorded.

The first part of the study will use a single-escalating dose design aimed at identifying a safe and tolerable dose that will not produce psychedelic effects, while the second part will test the effects of repeated administrations of this dose. There will be up to 60 healthy volunteers enrolled across the two parts of the study which will include both psychedelic experienced and psychedelic naïve patients.

About CHDR

Founded in 1986, the CHDR is an independent institute that specializes in cutting-edge early-phase clinical drug research. During the pandemic of 2021 the CHDR completed renovations to greatly increase their clinical capacity while also being responsible for 77 scientific publications.

CHDR’s custom-built facility is situated in the heart of the Leiden Bio Science Park within Leiden University (LUMC) campus adjacent to the medical school and GMP pharmacy. CHDR’s long-standing partnership with the LUMC facilitates direct access to an extensive knowledge base in Leiden, as well as access to different patient populations for trial recruitment. This partnership as well as the combined expertise of two board certified neurologists and post-doctorate clinical scientists with neuroscientific backgrounds will be valuable assets as Algernon’s DMT program moves forward. In addition, they have performed multiple clinical trials with psychedelic substances, including DMT, and have a suite of rooms specifically created for that purpose.

The Company had initially retained the CHDR and its affiliated pharmacy at the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, to develop the IVF that will be used in its Phase 1 DMT study. After working with the CHDR team, it was decided to move forward with an ethics and clinical trial application in Netherlands as well to move Algernon’s DMT stroke research program forward as quickly as possible.

About DMT

N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, is a hallucinogenic tryptamine drug producing effects similar to those of other psychedelics like LSD, ketamine, psilocybin and psilocin. DMT occurs naturally in many plant species and animals including humans and has been used in religious ceremonies as a traditional spiritual medicine by indigenous people in the Amazonian basin. DMT can also be synthesised in a laboratory.

Algernon has filed patents for DMT pamoate and nicotinate (novel salt forms of DMT) in addition to formulation, dosage and method of use claims for ischemic stroke. The Company has also filed claims for combination therapy of DMT and stroke rehabilitation including Constraint Induced Movement Therapy.

About Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. 

Algernon is a drug re-purposing company that investigates safe, already approved drugs, including naturally occurring compounds, for new disease applications, moving them efficiently and safely into new human trials, developing new formulations and seeking new regulatory approvals in global markets. Algernon specifically investigates compounds that have never been approved in the U.S. or Europe to avoid off label prescription writing.


Christopher J. Moreau
Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc.
604.398.4175 ext 701

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