Ambush for 2 days, intercepting trucks carrying illegal workers, Tak Province

Tak 22 May – Muang Tak District Administration Department Mobilize more than 30 officers, opening a shooting operation to intercept illegal labor vehicles. racing through the dark After planning to ambush for 2 days, capture 2 Thai people as leaders along with 28 foreign workers

Another operation at the Muang Tak district administration. Planning to intercept the smuggling movement of illegal workers into Thailand led by the Sheriff of Mueang Tak More than 30 officers were mobilized, deployed in 4 sets to ambush and wait for suspect vehicles. which is expected to be an illegal labor smuggling movement To use the route through Pong Daeng Subdistrict, Mueang District, Tak Province, planning to wait for up to 2 days

and in the middle of the night Suspicious car found Turn on the lights and run through the darkness at high speed. Passing through the checkpoint, one by one, about 10 cars in total, the arrest team then showed the caller But such cars do not stop. and speed up the flight The officers then followed up. Ready to use a firearm to shoot and threaten to agree to stop the car By bringing 2 E-tan cars to block the road to block the way for the culprit. Intercepted 2 cars, arrested 2 lead drivers, Thai nationals, drivers. Searching the car found 14 foreign workers each car, a total of 28 people.

The accused confessed Served as a conveyance of illegal labor That the participants brought from the Myanmar side to stay and wait at Ban Tak District and Sam Ngao District, Tak Province to be transported to Kamphaeng Phet and Nakhon Sawan provinces as instructed While working, they would call a conference call in all teams. to notify the news of the movement of officials along the way In the past, I have done it many times, getting a bounty of 500 baht per head, with the employer hiding the money at the meeting point. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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