“Big Tao” confirms the fire on the 2nd floor of the Ministry of Agriculture has no impact on the case.

Bangkok, “Big Tao” reveals that the fire incident on the 2nd floor of the Ministry of Agriculture did not affect the outcome of the case. Prepare to issue an arrest warrant for one more person this Wednesday while the central investigation is pulling in the Crime Suppression Division. Help with the case of slapping the assets of the Director-General of the Rice Department after the case expanded.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Charoonkiat Pankaew, Deputy Commissioner of the Central Investigation Bureau Revealing the progress of the prosecution of the gang that slapped assets, the Director-General of the Rice Department said From talking with Mr. Atchariya Rueangrattanaphong It was found that the documents Mr. Atchariya provided were useful to the case. This will bring the evidence together with the expressions that were made previously. and from the behavior of Mr. Atchariya When obtained, it was found that it was consistent with the investigation guidelines of the Narcotics Control Board. However, in this case, a summons
was issued to summon witnesses including government officials. Including government officials and civilians. More than 10 people have come to give evidence. On Wednesday or Thursday, there will be a proposal for the court to approve an arrest warrant for one more person, who is a person close to one of the four suspects whose arrest warrant was previously issued. As for the horse’s account, they volunteered to provide information. In this part, the investigators do not yet want to issue an arrest warrant. I just want to be summoned to investigate what is involved. Why did the account fall into this group?

As for the case of other victims, two bands have been contacted but no complaints have been filed yet. Currently collecting evidence This may take at least a week. For other victims, who still do not dare to report the matter because they themselves were involved in committing corruption Pol. Maj. Gen. Charoonkiat admits that this is an important problem that prevents the damage from being extended further.
Therefore, I want the injured person to come and report the matter. This is because many victims are afraid that if they come to report the crime, they will also be prosecuted. In the matter of corruption, it will damage the image of your own case, which Pol. Maj. Gen. Charoonkiat See that these matters are different things. I want you to differentiate. The matter of stealing property is a complete offense. which can take action against the accused As for corruption, it is a personal matter for the victim.

On the side of Pol. Lt. Gen. Jiraphop Phuridej, commander of the Central Investigation Police There has been a letter appointing an investigative team to investigate the case of stealing the assets of the Director-General of the Rice Department by Pol. Maj. Gen. Suwat Sangnum, deputy commander of the Central Investigation Police. He is the head of the working group and the Police Crime Suppression Division. Came in to help work on the case both in terms of investigation and investigation together with the
Narcotics Control Board who were originally working on the case. Because it is believed that the case has greatly expanded the scope of the investigation. And there is a lot of evidence that must be examined. This may cause delays in making the expressions. There may not be time to send the file to the prosecutor in corruption and misconduct cases. which has a deadline of another 2 months or 6 to file a lawsuit

When reporters asked about the fire on the 2nd floor of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives considered not abnormal Because he still couldn’t see that there was evidence related to the case in the room where the fire happened. And even if the said evidence was destroyed, it would not affect the case. Because the evidence that the police have is sufficient to prosecute the accused. However, we have to wait for the forensics department to inspect it to know if there are any documents related to the case damaged or not.

In this regard, in the room in the said area, will one of the accused go in
and meet any person or not? It is still not possible to reveal who he went to meet with.

Source: Thai News Agency

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