Cultivation of Patanga locust eggs, easy to raise, low cost, good price, ten thousand per kilo

Surin, May 22 – Husband and wife teachers in Surin. take time off duty Cultivation of Patanga locust eggs for sale. Easy to raise. Low cost. Good price. Ten thousand per kilogram. There is not enough for selling.

Mr. Sompong Chuathong, 53 years old, and Mrs. Maneewan Chuathong, 51 years old, husband and wife, are local teachers. use the area around the house Experiment with Patanga grasshoppers to create a new career and make money for the family By studying how to raise from online media and contacted to buy grasshopper eggs to raise until it became successful Breeding for further sale in the market Now there are orders coming in continuously. How much is not enough

The husband and wife said that They both serve as teachers and have 2 daughters, so they think of looking for a supplementary career to generate income. So I want to try raising something new. They usually open a coffee shop. and raised 13 cows and planted a vineyard. By using time outside of government service to do this job Then began to study and gain knowledge through social media. until he found a way to cultivate grasshoppers So try to order and raise them by buying 1 skein, the price is 1,000 baht per skein, cultivating 500 locusts. then lay a new generation of eggs and continue to breed But you have to be careful of the ants that will eat the grasshoppers.

Steps of Raising Patanga Grasshoppers The Surin dialect is called “Ka Nop” (Khmer language), which prepares a place for the party. because it has to be raised in a closed system A small net net was used to make a rectangular shaped nursery, 3 meters wide, 4 meters long, 2 meters high, floored with sand mixed with coconut residue. Then bring locust eggs to breed them. when the locust has hatched Start feeding with leaves such as banana leaves or grass. Then spray the water in the morning and evening. This is enough.

When grasshoppers are 45 days old, they begin to mate and lay eggs. By bringing a sand box to place for the grasshopper to lay eggs and then gradually collect After collecting, leave for another 2-3 days, then collect again.

As for the price, if it’s wholesale, it’s 450 baht per kilogram. The price is as high as 10,000 baht per kilogram. It is considered a good new occupation, good price, the market needs it because grasshoppers are considered a good protein food. popular people The farming process is easy, low investment. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency