Director General of the park Order to check the issuance of ALRO. Covering forest areas throughout the country

Bangkok, Director-General of the National Parks Department Order all agencies under the country to expedite inspection of the issuance of ALRO documents. 4-01 overlaps with the national park area. wildlife sanctuary Wild animal hunting area and all types of protected forest areas To conserve and protect forests to be of public benefit As for the case that happened at Khao Yai National Park, the results must be expanded. I believe there is someone behind the scenes who will definitely help you.

Mr. Atthaphon Charoenchansa, Director-General of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, said that A most urgent letter has been issued to the Directors of the Conservation Area Administration Offices 1 – 16 and the Directors of all branches of the Conservation Area Administration Office to order the Conservation Forest Department to inspect the national park area. wildlife sanctuary Wild animal hunting area and all types of protected forest areas under that jurisdiction Are there any overlap
ping letters granting permission to make use of land reform areas (S.P.K. 4-01)? What does it look like? Including checking that Is it legal or not?

This is because in many protected forest areas There are overlapping agricultural land reform boundaries. As a result, the Agricultural Land Reform Office (A.L.C.), which implements the law on agricultural land reform, issued A.L.C. 4-01 to the public. unlawfully It also goes against the intention of designating the area as a protected forest. which is the property of the land which is reserved, conserved, protected, and maintained for the benefit of the public for inspection. to the Director of the Office of Conservation Area Administration Write a letter to the Provincial Land Reform Office in the area of ??responsibility to coordinate cooperation in the inspection and request information to support the inspection. Then report to the Director-General of the National Park Service periodically.

Mr. Atthaphon said Subsequent measures require cooperation from all
agencies to establish an agreement regarding caution or certification of government land boundaries that may overlap. Before issuing the ALRO document There are 3 important things to be careful of:

1. Is the land in question in an area that the government has declared to be a restricted reserve?

2. Has the said land been exploited or not?

3. Do the people who will be allowed to take advantage have legal qualifications?

In this regard, Pol.Gen. Patcharawat Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, emphasized that operations must be carried out based on the correctness of the law.

For the case that occurred at Khao Yai National Park In the part where forest encroachment was found It is the duty of the investigating officer and the NACC. Because the staff of the National Parks Department Report the accusation at the police station. Moosi and NACC But the National Park Service Will expand the results in more depth from what was found. There are many more plots being
laid out. You must check that Is there an intention to issue land use permits to people who do not have the qualifications? There is a person behind this story who must definitely be found.

Source: Thai News Agency

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