Inspector General of Police calls for additional questioning of 3 people who were mentioned in the “Sia Paeng” clip.

Phatthalung, The Inspector General of Police has called in for questioning three more people who were mentioned in the clip of "Pang Nanode," including one reporter who was the first to get the clip to publish.At the meeting room 2 of the Phatthalung ...

Phatthalung, The Inspector General of Police has called in for questioning three more people who were mentioned in the clip of “Pang Nanode,” including one reporter who was the first to get the clip to publish.

At the meeting room 2 of the Phatthalung Provincial Police Division this morning, Pol. Maj. Gen. Opas Tungthong, Commander of Police District 9, the Inspector General of Police and the group questioned Pol. Lt. Theerawut, head of Patrol 19. Ban Nai Kuan Police Station, Yan Ta Khao District, Trang Province (Sergeant) Sgt.Sgt.Sommit, soldier under C. Pan 402, Abhaiborirak Camp Srinakarin District, Phatthalung Province (Sergeant Mitr) and Mr. Somchai, former chairman of the Prang Mu Subdistrict Municipality Council. Mueang Phatthalung District, Phatthalung Province, without allowing the media to join in listening in any way.

The three of them spent almost 4 hours in the room before Mr. Somchai Former Chairman of the Prang Mu Subdistrict Municipality Council He will come down and answer the reporter’s questions briefly, saying that he came to give evidence regarding the case where “Pang Nanode” recorded a clip to vent about the case of raiding and robbing the suspect from Region 8 police officers in 2019, in which Mr. Pang was the only person in prison. single There isn’t much more to it. Questions that police officers inquire about Most of them are in the form of original cases and preliminary expressions. And the police officer did not make an appointment to testify or be questioned again, while the other two people, Police Lieutenant Teerawut (Sergeant Tik) and Petty Officer Sommit (Sergeant Mitr), avoided reporters and walked out of the way. The door next to the shelter with the Phatthalung Provincial Police. He immediately fled into a pickup truck and drove away.

while in the afternoon Mr. Sawai, local reporter in Phatthalung The appointment to give evidence was postponed to today. He stated that he came to give evidence as a witness. About the detailed documents that Mr. Pang come out and complain Previously, there had been discussions with an investigation team that was not related to the clip in any way. stated that he did not feel burdened by giving evidence this time Whether it’s a police matter Stories of cases and various matters that was passed on to him Because I have done my best. As for the Facebook post saying that Mr. Pang There is still fear for their safety, Mr. Sawai reveals, Mr. Pang and his relatives. Still worried about this matter. If there is a surrender, is there anything that will build Mr. Pang’s confidence, such as what level of safety is there in surrendering Mr. Pang? And when entering the justice process, the court process, if entered, will it be safe in what ways? Because of this process, there is still no answer for him.

When reporters after Mr. Pang sent the second clip, was there any signal from Mr. Sawai? Mr. Sawai said that there had been no direct contact since the second clip was sent to him because after that it would be sent to relatives. which is more of a conversation As for surrendering or not, at this time there is no confirmation at all. And what he is still not sure about is his safety and the lack of justice. From the news that Mr. Pang will surrender within 4-5 days from talking with relatives. There was no confirmation at all. And the relatives have talked with him if Mr. Pang surrenders in 4-5 days, the investigation process The process of dismantling every case Won’t it be the same as before? There was no dismantling at all. Just like when he talked with the Deputy Public Prosecutor’s Spokesperson yesterday, it was concluded that as of today, there is still no evidence to revive the case for him. There are no witnesses. new witness As a result, at this time the case cannot be revived.

When the reporter asked if the DSI would be considering a new case. By having Mr. Pang’s wife write the application form, Mr. Sawai said that he still did not know about the matter. His relatives had not talked with him about this matter. Therefore, he did not know about the DSI. As for his lawyer, he doesn’t know either. As for himself, he will act on the matters that Mr. Pang has complained to him about. Today everyone says the case is being revived. Revitalize demands, but at this time nothing concrete has been made. I know that the work process has begun, but I still don’t know how far the work in points 1-3 has gone.

At the same time, Mr. Kampanat (On the run) from the latest search of the house. who is the sub-inspector of Wang Mai Subdistrict, Pa Bon District, Phatthalung Province, has not yet been contacted to surrender himself to the investigating officers of Tamode Police Station, Phatthalung Province.

As for the police, they are rushing to find information. Today (1 Dec. 2023), the Inspector General of Police visited the area in Phatthalung Province. Interrogate the people that Sia Pang referred to in the clip, especially “Mr. Rocket”, who is the person Sia Pang claims was tricked by the company’s prosecutor into abducting him. From the drug trafficking gang that took Mr. Rocket as a hostage in 2019, but actually it was to snatch the accused from the police. causing Sia Paeng to be arrested and prosecuted along with Mr.Rocket And in the end, Mr. Rocket got bail alone, even though the charges were more severe than Sia Paeng. Today’s interrogation of Mr. Rocket took more than 4 hours. After the interrogation was completed, Mr. Rocket immediately returned. Without refusing to reveal any details to the media. In addition to Mr. Rocket, there are 5 other people that Sia Pang is referring to in the same case. Tomorrow (December 2, 2023), the Inspector General of Police has scheduled an interview with Chairman Ting and Mr. Rocket’s father. As for the police who were referred to by the news team, we contacted them and got the answer that Haven’t been contacted for questioning yet.

progress section After yesterday (30 Nov. 2023), officials went to search the house of a suspect who took a rich man to escape from Banthat mountain range and captured 4 people and seized a large amount of items, including firearms and ammunition. Recently, additional arrest warrants were issued. Another person is Mr. Kampanat who is on the run.

The Sia Pang case is not just a prisoner escaping the case. But it also alludes to the justice process. Because there are prosecutors prison guard police Including the living conditions in prison that Sia Paeng has revealed in this matter, Pol. Col. Thawee Sodsong, Minister of Justice, said that a committee has been set up to examine the facts. including details of all of Sia Pang’s cases Including content that Sia Paeng claims was unfair. There are also references to bribing officials. with the Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation as chairman and there are officials from the Department of Corrections Including the Office of the ONCB also joining the committee, giving it 10 days to report the results.

Source: Thai News Agency