Invite former lawyer Am. Acknowledge the allegation of concealment of evidence

Bangkok, May 22 – The Sheriff’s Office invited a former lawyer for “Am Saiyanide” to acknowledge the charges. The latter was found behind the scenes to disguise the evidence. The case of poisoning and robbery of “Koi”

Colonel Anek Taosupap, Deputy Commander of the Crime Suppression Division Discussing the progress of the case of Ms. Sararat or Am poisoning, murder, robbery, Ms. Siriporn Khanwong or “Koi”, 32 years old, that today contacted Miss Thannicha Ek Suwanwat or ‘Phat’, the former lawyer of Mrs. Sararat. come to acknowledge the allegations of offenses under Section 184, “Help other people not to be punished Or to receive less punishment by damaging, destroying, hiding, taking away, which is the evidence of the offense “after evidence was found that he was involved or behind the delivery of brand-name bags and Ms. Siriporn’s property. The deceased, which is an important evidence, went to Ms. Kaew, another witness, to hide the evidence of the case.

By Ms. Thannicha Responded that he would come to hear the accusation today at 7:00 p.m. at the Crime Suppression Division. Central Bureau of Investigation .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency